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Feb 16, 2020 at 2:21 PM
Jul 5, 2009
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Feb 16, 2020 at 2:21 PM
    1. CyberCubed
      Well the first two episodes seemed alright. Once again Pikachu has to be drained of its power in order for it to make sense losing to weak Pokemon again.

      I'm surprised Iris role was so minor. She only got like 2 minutes of screentime in BW1, and in BW2 she really did seem like the usual sidekick material. She seems like an OK character so far but I don't know if I can say I really like her yet.

      Team Rocket being serious competent villains is what stands out the most so far, I think. What a change.
    2. CyberCubed
      Yep. At least we finally got a zebra and a vulture this gen.

      Also the humanoid Pokemon are really different from animals, let alone the dragons.

      The dragon Pokemon this gen seem stale too. The final Dragon has three heads, (two where its hands are), and there's a stand-alone dragon with a red face. Meh.
    3. CyberCubed
      I didn't mind Beautifly, etc. especially since Wurmple was nothing like Caterpie and it had the split evo to Dustox.

      Basically some animals are repeated, but it is to be expected. There are now 4 different cats, (Meowth, Skitty, Glameow, the new purple cat from BW).

      But nobody complains because in real life cats are so different. Not to mention Meowth, Skitty and Glameow are all different and good designs even though they're all based on the same animal.
    4. CyberCubed
      Haha I agree, I love that new deer Pokemon. Its unevolved form is cute!

      I did like most of the Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokemon though. Sinnoh had too many evo's of old Pokemon though, some that were terrible like Lickitung's evolution.

      Some of my favorite Pokemon were Hoenn Pokemon. For example Salamence, Absol, Flygon, Sharpedo, Hariyama, Medicham, Sceptile, Corphish, Glalie, Ludicolo, Cacturne, etc.

      I actually loved most of the Hoenn pokemon except for a few of the worse ones. I thought that gen had a nice variety in designs.
    5. CyberCubed
      Looking through the sprites, its really once you get to the second half of the Pokedex that the designs go to hell.

      I liked some of the designs at the start, the zebra, the crocodile, the chimpmunk thing, etc.

      Basically the ones that look like monsters or humanoid are the let-downs. I also think they made too many spiders/bugs this set.

      Also, I've always thought most grass pokemon look generic. Some of the new grass ones look like Bellossom clones or Skiploom alternates. There's even another cactus pokemon.
    6. CyberCubed
      Usually the anime makes Pokemon designs look better.

      There were some Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokemon I didn't like at all until I saw them in the anime, and their anime designs and/or personality won me over. It'll probably be the same for BW.

      That being said I already love the new grass starter. I think its the best designed of the new base stage starters.

      I probably will get the BW games, I've bought every generation, no reason to stop.
    7. CyberCubed
      The first two BW episodes air in Japan tomorrow. You going to watch it?
    8. CyberCubed
      I'm starting to think Team Rocket will finally leave the show after Best Wishes.
    9. FallinWings
      aha yea thats right ! xD
    10. FallinWings
      hi :D thanks for the friend request! ^^
    11. CyberCubed
      The ones I like is that zebra and the crocodile, as well as a few others like the deer, the mole, and such.

      I can't believe the fire starter becomes another fire/fighting type...the third one in a row. Goodness. Blaziken and Infernape were enough, we needed a fighting pig too?

      I really wonder what Pokemon the main characters will get this time, since so many of those pokemon are too ugly or too weird to imaging Ash and co. or Team Rocket getting.
    12. CyberCubed
      Did you see the picture of all the new BW Pokemon? Click the, "new pokemon," at the top of the updates to see them all.

      With the exception of a few cool ones here and there, I honestly think this is the worst designed Pokemon set of the series.
    13. GetOutOfBox
      Just a follow up of the message you sent me. I'm GetOutOfBox,

      I've watched the dubbed version since the very beginning (god I feel old), played all the gameboy games, and had a huge deck of cards. I was pretty much a pokemaniac :). I still like the anime, but I never really could get into it after the original series ended. So I just rewatch the original series. I'll try watching the newer regions again sometime.
    14. CyberCubed
      Well since Iris/Dento are both Gym leaders, they'll obviously both be dropped after BW ends.

      If the show continues to go on from this point, I guess they'll be a new female AND male sidekick every gen.

      No more "New Girl + Brock," formula that they repeated the last two gens. Now its more, "New Girl + New Boy," apparently.

      I'll honestly never understand why Brock lasted as long as he did. I really thought he was going to leave when AG ended.
    15. CyberCubed
      Since Contests have seemingly been dropped from the anime, I do wonder if the Isshu region will be no more than 80-90 episodes. They'll probably make some filler arc afterward.

      I just really hope BW doesn't go on for 150+ episodes, the last thing I want to see is a repeat of Johto OR DP's length.
    16. CyberCubed
      My theory is they'll pull something like they did with Misty/Brock's families.

      Meaning Iris will probably have an older brother or sister, or a father/mother who runs the Gym while she's gone. And she wants to take over the Gym but isn't as experienced as her siblings and/or parent.

      Its very odd for the 8th Gym leader to travel with Ash, let alone be a kid like Iris. The 8th Gym leaders have all been adults and very powerful, Iris seems the opposite of that.
    17. CyberCubed
      I think they may make Iris weaker in the anime though, or show her to know about Pokemon but not be that great a battler.

      I can't see them having Iris much stronger than Ash, especially at the beginning. Even Misty was shown to not be much stronger than Ash right after their Gym battle, and then Ash wound up surpassing her quickly enough.
    18. CyberCubed
      LOL, Iris is revealed to be the 8th Gym leader in the BW games.

      Looks like Ash is traveling with two Gym leaders again
    19. CyberCubed
      Its funny how some threads I make get closed but others are left open. Makes you wonder.
    20. CyberCubed
      You can see in the review thread.

      Wish they showed Ash's Sinnoh team in a group shot one last time though.
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