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  • Point A. Ash was a noob! Caught his first pokemon without even thinking of weakening it first, etc

    Point B. Losses

    Brock: Didn't have any pokemon that could hit Geodude or Onix with a super effectively.. that's why he lost, the rematch was DEM'med..

    Surge: Little Electric Mouse vs Big Electric Mouse, you'd think the writers did this to symphatize with Ash, back him up on this one. Again, Ash was a noob, and didn't have a strategy, until the rematch.

    Sabrina: Don't know if you ever played the games, but in Gen 1, the Psychic type was all powerful, nothing could damage it, *only super effective moves were Twin Needle, Leech Life and Pin Missile, which gets you no where.. besides Ash didn't have any pokemon that could learn those. So he got trashed heavily, learned that about the Ghost type, and went to Lavender town, which would've otherwise been skipped.. which was a pretty big plot element at the time.. So yeah, writers tried to show how powerful the Psychic type was, that's the reason, and again btw, Ash wasn't prepaired what so ever..

    Blaine: Ash just got out powered.. and they needed some great battle since the eight gym was going to be a joke battle.. (vs TR, I mean common..)
    You're welcome. I don't know where you heared all those positive comments on the group but they are all true :) And have you seen our group mascot already?
    Thanks for taking the time out and read/respond to my thread. I sent you a friend request, however you don't have to accept. Hope you're doing well.
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