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  • For the record, TPCi actually turned to Smogon for help hosting a 3v3 singles side tournament at a regionals event.

    And at Smogon, we dictate OUR metagame. We all know our rules are never going to be officially recognized by Nintendo or anything (we do have VGC analyses as well). We're running our own metagame because we want to - and if thousands of people happen to play it every day, all the better for us.

    How are we elitist if we're making our own rules for us to play? Nobody said you had to follow them, after all.
    Hey man don't worry. I can handle these people. I am just trying to help some people by making them see that smogon is not some official Pokemon site owned by Pokemon whose rules should be followed at all times. I don't understand why so many people give them credit.
    FFXIII, why do I like this game? How can I like this game, when I've complained about the hallway? Well, there's one reason I like this game. Nostalgia. MAJOR, OLD-SCHOOL NOSTALIGA! WHAAAAAAAAAT?! How can a PS3, at-the-time-next-gen game be nostalgic for old school gamers? I'll tell you why. Remember all those cutscenes in the game talking about the fal'Cie and l'Cie? Remember how confusing they were? Were they confusing to me? Oh yes. But here's the nostalgia part. The game has a Datalog that explains ALL about the fal'Cie, l'Cie, the history of Cocoon and Pulse, and everything else you need to know, outside of naming the chocobo in Sazh'z hair. Reading this Datalog and spending time learning about the world's history, something dawned on me. Back in the old days of PC games, RPGs used to do this exact thing. They would come with these 150+ page manuals with nothing but story in most of the pages. You were EXPECTED to know what was in these books, because things would come up where you'd have to solve puzzles, based on the information in these manuals. This was how REALLY old pre-NES RPGs were played. So when people approach me about FFXIII, and I tell them it feels retro and old-school and they look at me funny, well that's the reason.

    <Multiple posts, due to character limit.>
    FFXII is a personal preference for me. Not everyone would like this kind of game, and it's easy to see where they'd be coming from. But personally, I loved the battle system, and I really LOVED the story. It was epic, fun, and provided alot of insight into Ivalice's pre-cataclysm history. Plus, the open world nature of the game is something you just don't see very often with JRPGs. If there was one misstep in the game, I'd say it's Vaan and Penelo. They literally do nothing for the plot, except for provide a Gary Stu and Mary Sue, designed to relay the world to the player. Then they don't even do THAT very well. The game could've just left them out, started with Balthier, and you probably wouldn't have to change a single line of dialogue, outside of having a different character say it in one scene.
    I'm putting IV and VI together too, since alot of the reasons are the same. First of all, the storylines are great. It isn't often that an RPG storyline can make me give a crap about characters, let alone one from the 16-bit era. But there were a few. IV and VI were really good in that regard. The characters were likeable, the plots were pretty deep for their time, and the villain of FFIV was pretty interesting too, being related to the main character (yes, it's the Darth Vader Complex, but it works in this case).

    FFVII really needs no introduction, since it's on most peoples' lists. And it should be. It's a great game. Granted, if you played it nowadays, the graphics and visuals are extremely dated (the characters look like dead puppets in most of the FMV sequences). But when this game came out, it changed everything. Literally, everything. And it's a good and bad thing. It's a good thing, because it pushed console RPGs, which at the time were niche, into the mainstream. No longer did they play second fiddle to action games or platformers. Now they were a big deal. Plus, change is important in an evolving industry. It's what keeps things fresh and interesting. However, it can be a bad thing, because with this change, we've left the old school era of Final Fantasy, and really RPGs in large. Once you change things that much, there's really no turning back.

    FFIX was great simply because it felt very retro. Not only did it pay homage to the classic games, but the difficulty of the game required you to level grind and do all the old school stuff you used to do in the 8 and 16-bit era. Plus, the storyline was pretty interesting too. Even if half the towns got destroyed minutes after Zidane got to them...
    Let's see. First, the ones I consider good. FFI, FFIII, FFIV, FFV (no joke), FFVI, FFVII, FFIX, FFXII. And I would say that despite the fact that it takes place primarily in a HALLWAY, FFXIII is fairly decent too. Not the best, but certainly not nearly as bad as VIII and X.

    As to why I like those games, let's start with FFI. The game has a retro feel to it. Despite the fact that they've changed plot points slightly over the years (and changing mechanics that make it prudent to spread out your attacks so your characters aren't hitting a corpse), the overall classic feel of the game has never diminished. It's a game I can just go back to when I don't want to think about things too much.

    I'll put III and V together, since the mechanics shared by both games are relatively similar, and I like both games for some of the same reasons. Yes, the villains don't get much screentime, and yes, the storylines aren't the greatest. But what people forget about III and V (especially V), is the fact that the plotlines are supposed to have a more retro feel to them. FFV's villain isn't supposed to be some big operatic villain. He's just a bad guy intended to test the limits of your developed party. And he does just that. Speaking of which, I loved the job system in these games. Say what you want about everything else. The job systems required alot of strategy and planning ahead in order to get the best results for your party in any given situation. And you just don't see that very often in video games, except maybe Pokemon. Yeah. Pokemon is essentially the job system reworked. Wrap your head around that one.
    i think you should post a thread saying "whats your least favorite final fantasy and why" then post your reasons for it being ffx. I wanna see what kind of reaction you get. lol
    i am just pointing out that the gba final fantasies are hella expensive and while great games a horrible place to start. (at least ff6 anyway) and if you dont think ffx is going to give a solid experience then you need to replay it.
    Wow, so basically a case of. "I dislike the complaints I get so I close the thread" :3 Whatever, I'm done trying to argue with them. If they don't want to own up and take responsibility for their own actions and make steps toward improving things, there loss.
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