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  • No, dude, I was talking about how the VERY FIRST Pokemon game was cliched at the time. I don't think it was that cliched. xd

    Also what about the very first RPG game :p

    I thought the first voice fitted her awesomely but I really, really disliked the fact that a few stupidly sensitive soccer moms caused her to lose her name. ;;
    Um..Hi again XD I'm gonna try one more time to post up, My pokemon fanfic on here. but I do warn ya, that..Well I still have ch1-8 on DA. But gonna be in their original format.

    Though Ch.9 and up will be all new. So hope you look forward to it. And hopefully this time, I won't get log off when typing a discription. Hate that when it happens.
    It's not sexist, or at least it probably isn't intentionally. But it is definitely stereotyped for reasons that I've already outlined.
    I am trying to understand how you could have possible gotten from my posts that I said Metroid: Other M is sexist.

    I am failing miserably.
    The tragic news of Ben Hurst's death has hit every fan of SatAM like a ton of bricks. However, in spite of the tragedy, long-time fanbase leader Quexinos has managed to give us a rare gift. This might well be the last fragment of information remaining about the future of SatAM. SatAM fans owe it to themselves to read this.


    A Winner Is You!!!
    Yeah, when it happened though, he was away and I didn't really wanna bother him at the time. Luckily, he got back with me on the same day. But I agree; I don't like how some of them can only make excuses or being on a big message board. If you're a mod, you should do your job; simple as that.
    Browsing other forums has led me to find this site. It has all of the comics up to the current issue, but it seems that CDisplay is required to read the comics. And I don't know how to get that, but this may some place you would want to check out.
    So, I've been looking up the details on the Sonic comic continuity on Sonic's Wikipedia branch. I'm interested in reading the series now.

    Since you seem to be knowledgeable about the comics, I was wondering if would you happen to know if there is a site that has all of the comics currently distributed available to read on its site. Or would I have to try and purchase the old comics off of Amazon or some other place, and pick the current issues as each month goes by?
    Thanks. I'll let you know that I'm one of those writers who gets better as he writes more chapters. If the forum will let me. It will get better.

    Its hard to give all characters thoughts and feeligns of their own. again thanks.
    Oh yes so posting there occasionally must mean I stalk the thread religiously.

    What good thinking you have there.
    No sweetie you evidently didn't read what I wrote.

    I don't check every single thread you post in, just to see if on the off chance you made a comment to or about me.

    So you really think I really actively look at the AFAA thread?

    No the silly one here is you ;D

    If you're so keen to put me in my place dear, why don't you actually step up to the plate and do more than just whine about what I do or whine at me in a thread that is obviously not going to get any answer from me right off the bat.

    Unless you're just trying to appear smart honey ;D
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