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  • Just a heads up, your only supposed to have one post in the FB bank between updates. When you want to deposit/withdraw rare candies you just edit your post.
    Np, I don't mind helping.
    Firstly: In official zones, you usually adventure on your own. I don't know whether you can join people in adventures already running, but if you ask I think you can start joint adventures. Ask in the faq thread on UPN about that. You can interact with other trainers in the time out threads though; as I speak I am in the Park here and in the AR. Like I said earlier, pop into them whenever you want. In fact, I don't mind RPing with you in the park here, if you enter.
    Secondly: Your post is fine RP wise I believe, but posts in the AR have a minimum limit of 200 words, so bulk your post up a bit. You only need 60 words. I see that you mention searching for "elusive" Pokemon. Why not elaborate on why you are searching for them?
    One other thing. I think that you need to resize your AR post to size 1. Its a rule.
    I hope this has helped
    You don't! You make the nature up. Same with the Pokemon's ability. But just remember, as long as that nature or ability isn't used by you in a zone or post, you can change it as much as you want.
    And that is the bare minimum you can post. Some people use their register thread to document their pokedex, some use them to showcase adventures they've been on, and so on. Just personalise it, As long as your team, bio and items are in there, its fine. Check out other member posts for inspiration, and find a style that suits you! I borrowed elements of others for my post.
    You're in! Have fun, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
    And remember, the time out threads here and over on UPN are open at all times, so pop in and say hi!
    And on the ltems:
    Rare candy - You can wait until you get approved. As long as it is posted in the bank soon after you get it but before you use it (with a link and stuff), It doesn't matter how long you have it.
    Equipping items - Well, again, nicking this from the FAQ thread over on UPN, you can just edit your pokemons bio (where you store all of the information on that pokemon) to say what its held item is, it doesn't need confirmation. All shop based items are used in their respective shops (for example shards, gummis and pokeblocks), but items such as potions and pokeballs are used in RP posts and areas. I hope this helps! Any other questions?
    Oh, sorry about that.
    But I think you do have to wait. I was lucky, I suppose, as I'd asked about it, but considering the Mods are on usually at least once a day, you should be in soon. And then you get to have fun times role playing! I know I am.
    Hello Scaldaver, Here's a Big Welcome to Fizzy Bubbles from the last newbie who got accepted.
    Just a heads up though, You aren't actually allowed to pick up your Starter Pack until you get confirmation that you are in the FB User Group. (I'd asked myself here).

    This is the link. How do ya like it, Scaldy? Sorry it took so long. I still have the .psd file, so I can change stuff, if you want something done differently. I'm not very happy with the font and colour of the ficname, so if you give me a font and tell me what colour you'd like, I'll change it for you. The black stuff is supposed to be smoke - I brushed it on myself - but I can remove it if you prefer.

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