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  • Sure, let's say, same rules as the review game but doesn't have to be as in-depth, 'Kay? So anyways... Do you write original fiction?
    Yeah, I got it. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed anything - I'm more of a writing person than a critic. Do you want to do a review exchange? I'll do my best at reviewing the most recent chapter, and you can check out my most recent fic. It's called Hoenn Reborn and, like yours, it's garnered considerable attention from some fan fiction greats (quoted in my sig). I just posted Chapter 3.
    Hey there, been lurking the future career thread and I just saw you say you want to be an author. Me too, actually. It's been my dream for ages!
    Trust me, I would love to go through the game like that, but I have this weird thing where I soon bsess over the game and hope to make it perfect (though I usually start again later). For example, I was recently thinking that i would have a Linoone in my Emerald game, but I looked at the Smogon age and it said it was bad. I know it shouldn't affect me and I tried not to make it, but now I probably won't get one.

    There's also the issue of practicality in the games - not evolving your Pokemon is just handicapping yourself.
    Can't help but notice this... ignore smogon. Linoone may stink competitively, but is currently a powerhouse in my emerald run. (I'm going through it all over again 3 times with different pokes each time, and this is my first).
    Just saw your review scaldaver, thanks so much!


    im glad you like what you see, and ill see if i cant go clean things up a bit more later.


    im something of a lazy messy writer, as you hvae seen.


    you didnt really get the whole bit before fin blacking out huh? maybe i should go rewrite that a bit... i was hoping it sounded plausible that he did pass out/imagined the whole thing, since it is rather explainable and surreal. his friends vanishing, the man knowing his name, flashes of extreme emotion that he never usually feels at all.. maybe i should throw in more surreal imagery?


    anyway, thanks again for the review, it means a lot to me!

    I like the story! Very interesting. I'm reading 3 different fics right now so I'm a bit confused when I try to remember, but when I read I do remember. So yeah, really good!
    Hey I posted on your thread about chess, just wondering if I was any help. Also I will send you a friends request if you want to talk more about the chess.
    If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says, ‘If you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.’

    so, im christian but im not denying him by not putting that im my sig, i dont think.


    looking for something wity/helpfull to write on your fic, but that keeps drawing my eye.

    Scaldaver, an Extremekiller Arceus is basically an Arceus that looks like this:

    Adamant/Jolly nature

    Item: Life Orb.

    Moveset: Swords Dance, Extremespeed, Shadow Claw, Brick Break/Earthquake.

    This Arceus is famous for being a cheap revenge killer. Basically after Swords Dance and Life Orb boosts, it KO's everything (bar those resistent or immune to Extremespeed) in the Uber tier with priority. I was asking what people preferred when they use Arceus (cheap Extremekiller or normal Plate user). Does that make sense?
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