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  • Its a flashcart so I can download games and put em on there..Only use them to try it out though, if I like a game i buy it. And I'm currently playing through R/S/E and D/P/Pt and rewatching the Hoenn and Sinnoh series to get more "in touch" with my characters. Honestly though, did you like chapter 5?
    Ohh this is my first one, so I thought you'd have to have a lot of reviewers for your FanFic to be sucessful. On the bright side I beat White Version :D But I can't unlock the Zorua/Zoroark event cause I'm playing it on an AceKard, and I can't find my Pearl Cart. And I'll post up in your thread once the new Chapter comes out :)
    Ah, ok I'm gonna try Light Venusaurs shop out, the work done there so far is amazing. My fic thread is getting kinda lonely xD Almost done chapter 5+6, wondering if I should double update..anyways is it normal to have only 2 people review? Or should I have more?
    You too?! I'm trying to get a banner done for my Fic, but no luck finding anywhere so far :S Any recommendations?
    haha not a problem, it seems you and nightmare are the only 2 responding to my fic as well.. After a few touch-ups, and once I finish the story I'm thinking about putting it up, a chapter a week on fanfiction.net..but I want you guys here at Serebii to see the finished product first :D
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