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  • The essence of your being? Music is a huge part of my life, but I'm not sure if I'd take it that far. Singing's something I've always wanted to be able to do. I've been working on it, but I still suck. And it's not like I can sing and play at the same time, so it's basically moot anyway. Do you play upright bass?

    I will definitely check out your solo stuff and give you my critique in my next message. :p What genres were the bands that you've been in (generally)? Or a better question, I guess, would be what do you like to play?
    That's cool. I would much rather take a jazz theory course and drop the final semester of classical theory so I could learn material that interests me and material I would use rather than stuff such as sonata form. (I'm not saying there's anything wrong with classical music or anything, I just hardly play it and would rather play other styles.)

    Since you're minoring in music theory, I take it you're connected to music in some way. Do you play (an) instrument(s), sing or arrange/compose music? Maybe all of those?
    I'm majoring in naturopathic medicine and minoring in music theory.
    Your school offers a music theory minor? I must say, I'm a bit jealous. I have to settle for a general music minor. The only theory available is four semesters of classical theory. Do you have jazz theory? What other kinds of classes to you take? (Sorry for barging in and asking these questions like this. If you want you can ignore this post.)
    It's okay. ^_^

    Aww, he sounds great for you. :) Hope it works out this time~

    Laura and her parents have gone holidaying. I miss her already...

    I've been rather busy too.

    Btw, want to talk on AIM? Bit quicker then here.
    Hey, you got a new guy. Good for you! ^_^

    What's he like?

    Also, I got AIM now, so I can talk to you there.
    I don't know, just you two seemed very happy from what you told me. Ah well, make that song! :)

    Well, Laura and I are okay, she's been great, but there are other problems I'm having but don't really want to bring up.

    But yeah, enjoy yourself at the club now. ^_^
    Yep. Laura got home from England and she told me all about what she did (well, what she didn't tell me before by email) and we went to see a movie and just had a fun day together. I'm so glad she's back. ^_^

    That's great to hear, sounds like you and Lance had a fun time.

    Yeah, but my older bro's David's boyfriend Anthony tends to annoy me sometimes. Meh. It'll be good seeing David again anyway, it's been a while.
    Hi dude, it goes okay. :D

    And my older brother and his boyfriend will be coming from Sydney and staying here a week or so. :)
    Quite a cool line of Pokemon. Yep, she was hard though to beat. :) But I quite like her, she looks hot. :D

    Thankies! And I finally got my MSN to work! :D
    Cool, sounds like fun. :) Sounds like a good place for a swim too, if the stream's big enough.

    Yes. *coughs repeatedly* :(

    I like your avatar btw. ^_^ What do you think of my new one?
    Ooh? Music? :3 Any that you put up on the net? I'd love to hear it!

    Ahh, having a themed team sounds so fun. Honestly, I've never actually had a themed team before... .O. I must.

    I'm alright, sorta. Lost two shinies in one day yesterday, and I'm still getting over it. :B SR'd over a shiny Mudkip and then 20 minutes later, an uncatchable shiny Poochyena shows up.

    Yay for arkward luck. 8D
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