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  • Lol, lucky! :D

    Well I hope you and Lance have a good time, though I'm sure you will. :) So where do you go for walks, what games/movies?

    Yes, but they've kind of been scuppered by this bad cold I now have... I think I'll call in sick at the nursing home...
    Ouch... But surely not as much as a PA possibly could?

    Hmm, Laura would love me to have them and I would too, but...
    Yes, I'd love them. :) And since I'm often shirtless with swimming and the like I'd get to show them off a lot too. But do the nipple ones hurt?

    Yes, good idea. ^_^ Do you normally wear sleeve-less shirts?
    That sucks you can't get a real tattoo or nipple rings. They're so much fun. ^_^

    Yeah I can cover my arms with clothing, I guess but I'd rather look at tattoos instead of scars. Putting something pretty over the ugly, so to speak.
    Ugh, I have several too. :( You can't cover them up?

    And did you see my last VM?

    Also, I heard about that possible problem at the concert. I suppose it's only natural for Lance to feel protective, especially around an ex. :)
    Great attitude to have. :)

    Ugh, school. But we came second out of eight teams in the comp and I got a temporary tattoo on my chest for it. Mum insisted it was temporary and I can't get my nipples pierced for it. :( even though Laura begged her

    But I can get the ears done.
    A lung and nose check. I've always had weak lungs. Ugh, I've had too many operations, like with pnuemonia and tonsils. Have to wear those horrible hospital gowns. Some more cash is always nice.

    Just keep at it. Sounds like fun! So what did you and Lance get up to?
    Clothes shop, games store, had a doctor's appointment because I have an operation soon, music store, another clothes shop, sports shop, local gym...

    Wish I had some more cash though.

    (I know how that feels... :/)
    I'm sure it will be, you sound quite dedicated. :)

    I like all of those, especially Sneasel. Love that sneaky weasel from Crystal and now its evolution too. :D

    I loved the sauna, but wish I could have stayed in for a bit more. It felt really freeing from all the stress I've had lately.
    Sounds like quite a collection there. ^_^ But I'm only really allowed to wear normal clothes or sports things like jockstraps and swimwear since I'm still a minor. Like you, I'd love to keep some of the clothes, one pair of jeans and a studded belt in particular looked real good on me, front and back. :)

    I hope you do well with the record, it certainly sounds like you have had fun. I've struggled a bit mainly with my anxiety and depression, and would love to be able to do what you're doing.

    It's mainly because she and some other relatives have missed so many of my birthdays though. :D But it should be fun, I get a locker to put my clothes and everything, get to relax in a sauna and steam-bath, then have a massage and possibly some acupuncture, not sure yet. Then maybe I'll go to the gym. Wish I could bring Laura though, but it's only for one. ^_^
    Wow, quite interesting. ^_^ I'm thinking later on I might go for some themed modeling, but the photographers liked me in the sports gear and jeans for the moment. The photographers said they would probably get me to model in the various jeans and belts the most. So what kind of things did you wear for the shoots?

    It's good that you can express yourself like that. So you're going to be translating your emotions into music?

    It's okay with me. Just chatting to people, doing school work, nursing home, swimming, all that kind of thing. And I'm getting a massage and spa treatment later, which I'm looking forward to. It's a late birthday present from my aunt. :)
    Sounds like fun, hope you two are enjoying yourselves. ^_^

    Thanks, I had my first photo shoot a few days ago at the department store and the two photographers said I had a good body for it. Also tried on several different things for photos. I also have bought quite a nice pair of skinny jeans with my birthday money. They're black and hug my lower body well which is good. Also getting my ear pierced soon.

    What did you do in them?
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