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  • Okay, don't think I'll get that particular one but I like the idea of the other piercings/tattoos. I'll see what Laura thinks, she has a fair few herself. And of course, my parents... :O

    Thanks, it's going to be a fun day today. :D

    Enjoy shopping!

    And I'm glad I didn't have to wear it, embarrassing. :)
    Remarkably brave of you! :D

    Would it make a difference if cut/uncut?

    I know that feeling, I am too. But enjoy shopping!

    Well, it's 11:15am here and I got back from swimming training at the pool about half an hour ago. I was dared to wear a bikini for it, because we would be the only ones there, but thankfully it still wasn't allowed. :D

    And now I'm just talking to friends and listening to music while doing some homework. Ugh, holiday homework. :(

    And I'll be fifteen tomorrow!
    Wow, wouldn't that be painful though? I'm not sure I want one of those... Is it near the tip or lower half?

    I'm glad to hear that, I get anxious if I think I'm annoying people. :)
    As far as the band goes, it's still in the works. Right now I am mainly just working on my solo stuff. I have a bunch of piano ballads and dance songs in the works. Kind of a dark, dancy, pop-rock sound.
    Wow, that's quite a collection of tattoos! :)

    But about the piercings, is a pa what I think it is?

    You should, people should be beautiful. :)
    I saw the septum one on your Myspace pic, it looks good. :)

    What other tattoos/piercings do you have? Or planning to get?

    trying to steal ideas for later

    Also, how's your band going? Is Lance in it?
    You can go camping at the beach? Wow, they don't let us do that here.

    I can't wait for HGSS to come out, they'll be great. :D

    I restarted Platinum yesterday, and my team so far is: Monferno, Roselia, Lanturn, Bagon, Nosepass and Sneasel.

    I saw that you like tattoos and piercings, any particular kinds? I'm thinking of getting some when I'm older, I heard they can be quite attractive. ^_^
    Video games are fun, as is cooking and hiking/camping. So do you go to the gym or just at home? And take a tent and walk through a bush or hike up a mountain with Lance?

    Thanks. :)

    Pokemon is fun, but Laura doesn't like it. She's more into violent games. :D
    That's quite a good hobby to have, I enjoy crafts as well. ^_^

    I've seen a fair few of those cartoons and Lady Gaga songs are a favourite for me. :)

    Do you enjoy doing hobbies with your boyfriend? I know I do with Laura, more enjoyable if there's the two of us. :D
    I've tried with meds, but not much luck.

    I'm quite a fan of music and anime too, and the outdoors. I've always loved animals, especially cute baby ones. ^_^

    Books are a pastime of mine, and I also enjoy working out. I do a fair bit of swimming and exercises. :)

    Nothing wrong with Little Pony figure collecting. ^_^

    Anything else you really like or enjoy? I've got plenty.
    I hate it too, having to stare at the ceiling for hours and nothing seems to help, especially if I've got a lot to do the next day. Nothing really helps me either.

    What kind of things are you interested in, apart from what's on your profile?
    SRing on HGSS doesn't seem to be as bad as like, legendaries and such since you're looking at three starters at a time. Not to mention it's alot faster SRing on HGSS than it is on DPPt. ;D

    Wow what am I getting myself into... I'm gonna draw a giant page full of my dA friends' characters. @__@
    I'm stuck on chaining hunts right now. Nothing really catches my attention anymore, besides the usual ones like Eevee and Porygon, but I can never get high enough for a shiny one. >:

    I'm contemplating SRing for another HGSS starter. Should I do it? I've already gotten two Chikoritas and a Cyndaquil, so should I try and hope for a Totodile? o:
    I've only ever hatched my Chimchar before, and I wasn't even hoping for a shiny with him, so I know exactly how that feels. 8D

    You working on any hunts at the moment? <3
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