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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    I'm a very monogamous person and have never been anything but. I give my love and share my body to one person and one person only, and I think that's how it should be. (don't hate, just my personal opinion here) I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic in that sense. If you're not serious about...
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    Serebii's First Quad Poll Thread!

    Summer, briefs, vegetarian, oldschool Disney all the way.
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    How Cynical/Idealistic are you?

    I tend to be a bit cynical of humanity in general, but I would consider myself more of an idealist overall.
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    Piano or Guitar: Test of Coordination

    Piano, definately. I've been playing both instruments for years but piano is by far the most intricate and involves the most coordination.
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    What are your FIVE favourite things in life?

    1. My boyfriend. 2. KITTENS! 3. PUPPIES! 4. The interwebz. 5. Planetary destruction.
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    Your outside the Internet life

    I work a lot. I was waiting tables/bartending but very recently I got a much better job offer with a production company, so that has been keeping me on my toes in recent weeks. Other than that, I make a TON of music and hang out with my friends. (for any local Seattle people, I perform under the...
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    What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

    I'm partial to ghost-types (I'm sure you never would have guessed) and not terribly fond of normal-types. Only having one weakness is nice, but not having any supereffective attacks is just kinda boring, imo. I used to not like bug pokemon but they've since grown on me.
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    Which Pokemon do you use?

    I generally use pokemon I like rather than ones that can win. Even the super powerful ones like say Lugia and Entei, they just don't appeal to me. What fun is it if every attack is a one hit k.o?
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    Which Is Better?

    I'm pretty sure the majority of us here are gonna go with the obvious choice of pokemon. Who would have thought?
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    Who is the cutest pokemon?

    Skitty, duh.
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    your first shiny!! <_<

    My first shiny aside from the Red Gyarados (he doesn't count!) was a shiny teal-blue Lairon in Victory Road on Sapphire version. I was so excited to find him, and managed to catch him before he used roar. However less than a week later my 7 year old nephew started a new save file. I was...
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    Drugs Thread

    I drink. I'm of legal drinking age, with a steady job and place to live so I don't see the problem with having a cocktail or a glass of wine or two after a long day at work. I like to get drunk sometimes with my friends, as it can be a lot of fun. Just know your limits and don't make a fool of...
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    Is todays youth too obsessed with social networking?

    Yes. It's quite sad, really.
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    Are you a boy or a girl

    Not sure I responded to this thread yet, but I'm a dude.
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    Those horrible personality disorder nightmares - Hypochondriacs unwelcome

    Interesting thread. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at about 16, and re-diagnosed last year, with a touch of anxiety and overall depression. Nothing too hardcore, though I do tend to freak out and be severely impulsive sometimes.