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  • I love Ion too ^_^ *highfives* and I like her, she's a nice change of pace from some of the other heroines we got like Shirley, Colette, or Marta =P (I love Marta though but Tear's badass and awesome =P)
    Ohhhhhhh, Asch would be after Anise for meh. I love Asch. If we add Ion into the mix too then after Anise but before Asch. =P And nice, I don't see that many Tear fans often, most people I've seen absolutely hate her. =P
    The game's cutscenes are pretty poor. Most use ingame graphics, which look decent most of the time, but when the camera is right up focusing on the characters they look pretty bad. The lip syncing and well as the voice acting itself isn't very good, and in some parts they even have problems syncing non-voice sounds with the visuals. The exceptions to these are a few very good CG cutscenes researved for only a few important parts of the game(one's the games opening cutscene, I think another is a flashback scene showing Shadow's creation). These look better than anything else the Sonic franchise had before that point and the lip and sound syncing were done correctly in these. If the entire game had these, it would have an notable in that regard.

    The game's glitchiness can also be troublesome sometimes, but it's nowhere near as bad as Sonic 06. You have to tread really carefully over some "homing attack across pits" segments, because your lock-on can fail you if you're too far above/bellow/to the side of the enemy you're trying to hit. Running into pits accidently is also an annoyance that's comes up every once in a while. Running straight into an edge that has a tiny barrier meant to stop you from running off can sometimes to send you straight up into the air and over it(rather than stoping you dead), sending you into a bottomless pit.

    Despite these the game is still passable. It's definetly a step-down from Heroes and the Adventure games, but is far from an unplayable game(I'd even say that the game surpasses Heroes/Adventures in some aspects).
    I managed to get Secret Rings for free, so that's probably the only way I'm willing to get ShtH anyways.

    I am curious about the gunplay though. Does it detract from the gaming experience? Does the game feel like a Sonic game at all?
    The gun's don't really detract from the experience, just really change how combat works. The homing attack and Shadow's melee attacks are pretty much absolete in most combat situations because even the weakest guns are far faster at draining enemies health. You don't even have to aim with the weapons, face in the general direction of an enemy and the bullets will end up there. As for the game feeling like a Sonic game, basic gameplay is basically the same as Sonic, Shadow and all the Speed Characters in Heroes. Everything from grinding the the light speed dash are still here and function unchanged.
    I would have tremendously lower expectations if I lived in those cities. There would be a good chance I wouldn't even follow sports.

    The New York City sports teams are getting back up there in their respective leagues so it's fairly enjoyable I guess.
    Batting average is vastly overrated. He gets on base well and he hits for power, which are what matter more. That .820 OPS means more to me than the .228 BA.

    Losing their 4th and 5th starters in the first week was one of those problems, yes.

    As for Hendry, "good idea" is always sort of subjective, but I suppose I would agree that it was time for a change. Jim Hendry, by all accounts, is a good man, a dedicated worker, well-respected by his employees and his peers alike, known by players as being loyal, honest and easy to work for.

    Problem is that none of that necessarily equates to being a great general manager, and Hendry made his share of poor signings, particularly in the last few years. The new GM will be more willing to evaluate using more accurate and modern metrics, which will hopefully lead to better player decisions. The Cubs have an advantage in that department, in that the Cubs GM job is seen as having the prestige of the Boston or New York job, meaning the Cubs should have their pick of applicants, and every GM linked to the job knows that much like Theo Epstein in Boston (not an impossibility for this job, I add), if you are the GM to end the Cubs' title drought, you will be viewed as legendary. No one in baseball doesn't have an ego that doesn't let that appeal to them on some baseball.
    Pena wasn't that bad of a decision. They needed a first baseman, and Pena is a pretty solid one. He hits for power, he gets on base and he has a fantastic glove, which is essential when the throws from the left side of the infield are coming from Ramirez and Castro.

    He was perhaps overpaid slightly, but part of the money was deferred. He was paid $5 mil last season and is owed $5 mil in 2012, which is both good and bad depending on how you look at it.

    Put it this way - the Cubs had a lot (A LOT) of problems this year. Pena and his contract were not one of then, or at least were not among the biggest ones.
    I missed this when you posted it in the thread proper two days ago, so I'll reply here.

    Anyway, I said that because the wild card races don't seem to excite you very much. If the Rays win this, history will be made.
    The wild card races didn't excite me - until the final night, of course, at which point baseball slapped me in the face and said YOU PAY ATTENTION, DAMMIT, as it sometimes does. Before that, they were two teams who blew huge leads facing teams who were the benefits of those huge leads being blown. Eh. Seen it. Most of the time, the collapsing team still pulls it out and the race was largely all for naught. See the 2005 White Sox and the 2006 Cardinals, among others, in their respective division races.

    What I was agreeing with you on is that I do not, on principle, have anything against small-market teams and/or their making the playoffs.

    Can I ask you something? Do you have any preferred team, or are you just a baseball fan in general?
    I'm a Cubs fan first, foremost and always and a baseball fan second. The first hat doesn't usually give me a whole lot to say when it comes to playoff time, so the second one, the hat I wear as I look around the league, the rosters, the records, the trends and more and take note of what I see, is where I do most of my talking.
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