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  • LOL what a funny teacher! Is your school has religion class, is it a religious school?
    ... I smell cheaters hahahaha...

    WHAAT? I thought there was no nurse joy in BW... Well it seems like there's something wrong with my brain or eyes
    hahaha. Yeah extreme speed on lucario could work well.
    I know. A selection is SOO much better than "grrr you need to read this book and you have no choice"
    THat's so not nice of her :( That's awful. My english literature teacher this year is AWESOME! Even if he gives you loads of work, he helps you out lots :D
    There's this one history teacher in my grade and he keeps giving out assignments that the whole grade needs to end up doing. But MY history teacher doesn't really like him and thinks he's giving out too much so she cancelled this test and other assignments YAY :D

    Hahaha snack bars. Haha nurse joy. Isn't there no nurse joy at the pokecenter in 5th gen? (i forget, I haven't played it so long)
    Sign of death.
    Lol. The language is spoken in such an ancient way you don't even recognize it's the language xD That happens too over here
    WHAAAAAT. That's not fair :( There shold be no such thing as right or wrong when your analyzing literature. Anything can be possible as long as you have evidence to back it up.

    HAHAHA. Watch that lucario only grow to level 25 and then die of an unknown disease.
    Meanwhile at the hospital during the autopsy.. "Hmmmm snack bars made out of his crap... That explains A LOT"
    HAHA nice! I don't have facebook and when people ask me if they can add me or if I even have it, I just say i don't cuz it's too mainstream
    ...and then you purposely shoved him off your bike and he fell and injured himself. Is that the rest of the story?

    By drama do you mean like comment on a book or a play? Like german shakespeare?? lol
    For me grammar is probably harder than talking about literature LOL. I suck at my language :p

    Yeah I know what I mean... I don't like that.. and yeah a spring roll.

    *says in creepy sexually suggestive voice with a smirk* What did you do to make it love you?....
    Hahaha. I love saying that

    WHAAAa, Lucky! Well that's fun but that other part seems stressfull... School isn't too busy yet but the wave of assignments are starting to come D:
    No we don't..

    I went out for dinner yesterday and my appetizer soup was larger in portion AND more filling than my main dish
    Yeah pretty much. I was...... busy?
    Haha. Actually, I'm not quite sure why I left :p

    Well, how's it going now that school has started (most likely in your country...) and everything?
    It would start to get cold....

    Is that so >:)

    Go! Bananasaur! Use Razor Leaf!


    But if I see one , I try to catch it.

    Maybe invest in both ; 174 Speed / 78 Hp provides some bulk.
    So in what cases would it taste bad?

    I ndon't want to go there tho.

    Poor little guy.

    I agree. Last year was short.

    I'm not into Shiny's anyways.
    I don't know. I've never tried one.

    Yes , that's my final anwser.

    And it can actually be a good Sweeper >.<

    I know. It goes by fast.

    Only one :p It was a Shiny Floatzel in Platinum. I managed to catch it. But I once saw a Shniy Golbat in Diamond. Unfortunately , I didn't have any Poke Balls :p
    Yeah no **** I am for not replying to this for like evar. sorry to leave you hangin :/

    I'm sure you did lots that pissed off your teacher. Explain. Did you lay needles down on his chair? Did you put rotting onions in his bag?
    IKR?! So mean.. :(( And yeah, I used to love going to mcdonalds to collect the kids meal toys !

    Stilly german kids. That's funny though. Did the teacher who saw the student inside the garbage bin say something like "Well.. What's so weird about that? He's a piece of garbage so he should belong in there"
    Oh wow that teacher's awesome. This isn't a teacher at my school but it's about my teacher's friend. He had a student he hated so before he left the school, he dressed up in a gorilla suit and beat him up D: What an awesome teacher but I do gotta say that is a crime..

    :D good for you lol. I haven't played any pokemon games besides the standard gameboy/DS ones. I think I did have the shadow lugia game for gamecube though..


    Yeah , it's an Egg Move , but not sure about Leaf Blade. I like Tropius , and imo it isn't as bad as everyone says.

    So you're 16 and 11 months? I'm 12 + 3 / 12 = 12 years old. LoL
    Pokemon gotta catch 'em all!!!!!!!

    Oh yes.

    Oh , Tropius is good too. You can use a DD set with DD , Fly , Leaf Blade and Return.

    So how old are you?

    It's fine.

    Well I live in Nova Scotia. It's quite far from Vancouver. Our weather is probably different. Here , it has been sunny for days. We finally got some rain yesterday. But today is sunny and hot again ;)

    I like Serperior and Samurott , but that Fat Pig was stupid. I wish they hadn't made another Fire / Fighting Type starter... We already had Infernape and Blaziken (both of which were better imo).

    Pidove I guess :p If you mean like for your team , Braviary is an early choice if you're playing W2. It has it's Hidden Ability Defiant. You can catch it before Nimbasa. But it only appears on a certain day. Just look it up.
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