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  • So I need the two dots on top of the o? screw that.

    Ik I love that. Once some guys phone went off and he was like "oh it's an important call from my mom can I answer it" haha.
    This might be one of my favorite stories ever but my dad thought my gameboy colour was one of those free toys you get at a kids meal at mcdonald's and he threw it away in the garbage!! RAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE

    Oh I love it when you get cool teachers. This one teacher I had knocked over some kids project (it was a model) and he said "we... it's his fault for putting it in my classroom"
    Saying "club" is sooo european lol. You mean like he plays competitive games and stuff right? It's funny when someone who's good fails but it's also funny when someone who fails at something does really well xD hahaha

    probopass is a noob pokemon.
    With a mountaintop full of white fluffy hair.

    righteo. You eat frozen milk of course, sucking is for pussies.
    It's supposed to be foldable... origami fridge?

    That's why he's good. It takes a bit more skill to use Falco and Fox, but they can combo like there's no tomorrow. It's about as powerful as Luigi's side smash in Brawl except with reach. Oh and speeking of down B, everyone's reflector got nerfed bad. it used to knock people up so you can make or break combos.
    Smashes in brawl are lol-weak.
    You better be or else Good to know.

    Yeah. Planned ones that is. Since I live in Canada (like Oscar d Jordan) I have to wait until October 7th :/
    Of course I know gottingen lol. I didn't just google it too btw. Oppenheimer (the atomic bomb dude) got his PhD at the university there.
    Haha yeah.. They have teachers that are expert at being bad citizens. In physical education class, they practice spittig and how far they can spit lol.

    Here you would be in 8 or 9. I guess over there the equivilant is one down.
    Some kids bring their DS or PSP to class and game it. One class mate is a mega gamer and we always randomly shout out "____, shoot of that zombie!!! " and he gets caught haha. Even if we say so when he's not gaming, the teachers know he always is so they shout at him anyways.
    Oh do you do any sports? And I also want to ask if you guys play unihockey (or also called floorball) in germany?

    Sorry I didn't catch that... Are you talking about the user or probopass in general is pro?
    And the clouds are his mustache.

    It's a taiwanese dish.
    That'd be kind of neat, but carrying a freezer box everywhere must be a pain.

    Falco has the best tilt and aerial combos because he falls fast and has great jumps. Side Smash is one of the best finishers in the game for great knockback, range and speed. Too bad all of those got nerfed.
    Jiggles is too defensive for me taste, but still better than Kirby.
    There's no such thing as the pokemon world. They're all just a bunch of dittos.

    That would be pretty neat. I'd want deep fried milk. It's delish.

    First of all, it's a faster game, allowing more fluid comboing instead of watching the guy fall for a good 5 seconds all the while using infinite air-dodges. It's just a more competitive oriented game.
    Also, Falco got nerfed in SSBB.
    yes, he is a scarf wearing a scarf... it's his true form.

    It shouldn't just be an apple every time. I mean, how many times did they have apples for a meal?

    wow i haven't replied to this yet.
    so you guys were left alone to rot in germany? haha >:D
    Yeah I understand now.. But what if you're interested about the things they teach at the "stupid" highschool? It's like there might be one department at a shitty college that's actually really good! So you have some smart guys but everyone else is stupid ..

    You like that word province don't ya. There's one povince in canada where you can get your liscence at 14!!
    haha.. so that's what german teenagers do to waste their time :p
    What do you guys do in your free time? game it up with video games or do you do european things like sip a cup of tea or create a work of art?
    It IS the scarf!

    Lefties should also differ depending on the pokemon, I'm sure leftovers for wurmple and snorlax are pretty different.
    Wii is kind of underwhelming. I only use it for netflix and gamecube games la~
    and it'll be the master of all pokemon.

    I just really wish items would actually show up on the sprites, but considering pokemon is on a tiny little SD card I doubt they could fit it. They need a console or PC version that includes all regions.
    oh gross.
    It might kind of just float around inside of him like broccoli in jello.
    Some of these don't really work well, do they?
    So you have classes in german and english? ok i see.
    And wow so hardcore european high school system.
    Here in my province, high school isn't special at all. Most of us don't really care about which highschool we go to and there aren't entrance exams or anything. Like some highschools have like IB program or APcourses or special sports programs but that's about it. We just choose the highschool that our house is closest too haha

    oh snap. i got dissed
    I have regular BW
    OMG everything is harder!?!?! I'm gonna have such a hard time beating the game then!!!!!

    Well google translate is a bunch of ******** your sentence made little sense. Our province is 16. Our neighbouring province is like 14 I think
    My socials teacher said when he's bored he used to use google translate and translate a few sentences into another language. And then again into another language and did that like 10 times. Then he would translate it back into english and see how messed up the sentence has gotten haha. Smart
    So.. you go to a german school, you learn english as a second language (or is it a billingual school?) and your friends do too you speak way better english than them?

    ..And then I will topple over your statue and I'll be king. biitch.
    shut up if I try harder i'll be able to beat it. I
    I haven't heard a thing about it - explain to me please.

    Oh I see. I have another year to go until that. YES you hope it's cool (it's not cool if you crash it so..). Are the people there intense drivers or are they normal (like stereotypically, aren't european drivers supposed to be crazy?)
    yes you did just like everyone else. lol well the recent posts you've done seem actually kinda smart. or maybe that's just because I'm comparing you to the majority of the rating members here which are below average.. Haha yeah. I'm still trying to figure out why you know english so well.. Um.. does one of your parents speak english? like you said you learn it in school but judging by what you've just said, you speak more than your friends.

    Yeah I was thinking about doing a "remastered" team but I couldn't decide what team I wanna update :S
    Haha yeah it is quite nice in BW. I was telling someone else but I actually haven't even beaten BW once before (as in the elite 4)

    Yeah totally myself... no not really. You remember jordan's alt for when he forgot his password lol? Well before I knew it was him he came up to me and he's like "I know you live ____ " and I'm like HOLY **** IM GETTING STALKED

    ok so it starts now ish. We were released from our prison like a week earlier I think. Any plans? me not really..
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