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  • Yeah I strongly agree. I left for I think 2-3 months ish. Were you active when I did so? Even when I came back, I didn't touch 5th gen. I don't even know the game well. Like I don't know the names of pokemon perfectly and what moves they know and so and so

    Yeah the frontier moves help of course. I encorporated BW2 moves on my recent 5th gen team.. Hadn't made a thread in 5th gen for a long time! I guess it's better than 4th gen though in ways (the game itself. As for the people one's much worse than the other)
    Oh yeah - you were making mono type teams! I totally forget, seems like a long time ago.

    I do that every now and then. Something I thought is twitter style - posting random stuff on your own profile haha. "I'm eating a turkey sandwich" to "check out my new team!" to "____, can you please stop profile stalking me.. "

    So are you on a summer break off school over there?
    why.. you littTLE SON OF A -- oh hi, it's you

    You're back :D
    it's kinda neat all of a suddenly a few people including zennyboiz came back and IGRMT has hope!

    hows it goin? you were bored so you decided to come back and post or what

    who eat dice~

    It's like free EX every time xD
    except in Kyogre's dungeon. I hated recruiting legendaries.

    I sometimes like to use crappy moves for their cool animations.
    Giga-Impact Slaking <3

    Was it Porygon?
    "Guys" can refer to male or female... or hermaphrodites.

    :S 'N rice

    I believe it has screenwide range.. I don't remember. Heat Wave was really good in that game.

    Ehh, with only 5 PP it's still iffy. And does Shift really let you shift out after a hyper beam? Don't make me check.
    oh you know.... those guys.

    haha! ntice.

    Well at least it looks like a beam now. It was the worse in Mystery dungeon though. It was just a cluster of little balls ~
    :D yeah, I didn't even think thatw ay xD
    mhm. I like mine :)


    who's that?!


    it looked like DNA :O I just don't know why... *bad memories about hyperbeamspamming claydol in sky pillar*

    damn, I posted this on the wrong page *facepalm*
    yes... spend detail on an aspect of the game 80% of people don't even use...
    Grundig has some pretty decent headphones for skyping and stuff, but not really much for music. They do produce really good radios I've heard.

    I have a pair of Shure 440's and 750DJ's,
    by god the round base and the power handling is fantastic.

    Barack Obama.


    All I remember from 3rd gen hyper beams were that they were dots that swirled. Console Hyper Beams were always cool.
    For serious? I never really expected much since it was Nintendo, their general visual/sound quality is usually abysmal to say the least. What model of headsets? I'm a bit of an audiophile.



    Solar beam has a cool animation, if only other "beam" moves looked better I might've just used them for that. I'm talking to you, hyper beam.
    I never turn sound on anyway >D
    I cbf with it.

    Indubitably. I actually spelled that right on the first try.


    Solar Beam ALL the things!
    I really like the "ball" blast moves. Like Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, Zap Cannon, Energy Ball. They're even better on console spinoffs.

    If he wasn't a fire type he'd be the physical variation of Vaporeon.
    Too bad he had to be weak to everything common.


    eh, I'm not surprised.

    lol yea, Cherrim is pree cool with a Sunnyday Setup, I would still prefer it if there was a Ninetales to do it xD
    Zap Cannon is awesome. Slap on a Wide Lens!
    If only Machamp can use it...

    Eh, for in-game Flareon is better than either for his bulk and sheer power.
    And CB Flare Blitz of course.
    I don't like the new evveelutions.


    omg. Who buys a horse for fun >.>
    oh >.>
    Well that sucks.

    They do. I wish they would give the original Eevee trio more credit, tbh they were the coolest.


    If I remember correctly it was something like 160 chickens.
    for fun.
    Well tbh if you can get yourself a decent Hidden Power [Ice] you're all set.

    If Flareon got it it'd be really random. Flareon is mortal... V-create is too "classy" for it.


    According to our chemistry teacher; 3 horses are worth 5 cows, and 1 cow is worth 4 hogs, and 3 hogs are worth 4 goats and 1 goat is worth 9 chickens. How many chickens do I have to sell to get me two horses?
    Too bad Spiritomb is so ugreee
    Rayquaza totes deserves V-Create, makes him the most powerful choice sweeper xD


    Hax it to have mold breaker. They need something like, Super-awesome-mega-DBZ-Punch-of-epic-sorcery and it'll be a 0HKO.

    ehh, get an acekard.

    I wish fighting type moves were cooler looking.
    It's in-game. Of course it can set up ¬¬

    Must... get... perfect... EVERYTIME.

    yes.. i actually decided to reply to your VM :p

    hmmm.... well drifblim's movest is THAT bad. I would probably go with earthquake lol
    then I could go with: thunderbolt / icy wind / earthquake / shadow ball
    lol ik, it's a really weird set.
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