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  • ummmm my favorite region is sinnoh.... i just... love it, ITS AWESOME!!! but my favorite generation is th 5th... and i dont know why.... but they are my favorite :p
    ok... that was inspiring *.* lol!!! i love other Pokémon, too. my 3 fave Pokémon are garchomp, darkrai and golurk.... hey do u think that the newer Pokémon are worse than the older ones????
    ummmm im not sure... i love its design... it is powerful and loyal... :p why is dewott ur favorite pokemon?????? :D
    yeah thats cool... every shiny and event i get i train it to lvl 100 :p hey btw what is your favorite pokemon?
    ummm well... i raise my pokemon to lvl 100 since i was 9 :p but at that age i didnt know what the EV training was... i just raised their levels :p but nowadays every pokemon i raise to lvl 100 i EV train them and breed em with a good nature and things like that... so its just like starting again from 0... but that is the funniest thing for me about pokemon games... i just love it!!! now i am raising scolipede.... i transfer every pokemon i raise to lvl 100 to the newer games! so, all my pokemon are in black 2 :p

    (sorry if i have problems with my english... its not my native language :p)
    i like metal... i like symphonic music too... but when metal and symphonic music crash... its just GORGEUS!!!! i love symphonic metal :p what about you?
    ummmm well... i like Pokémon, facebook, friends, music and... im not sure! but i love life!!! do u love life? how much?
    I like Ash having more rivals! I think Kotetsu replaced Trip as the main rival for Best Wishes season 2 and the league. While Trip is still actually the main rival, I think its more like that for the first season. All of Ash's rivals are pretty cool anyway, although even though he had more this time, they all appeared less than Paul combined maybe. :O
    Yup, that's right! Of course! Me too, I'm guessing he'll place anything higher than top 8 or yes, maybe even win. ;o

    So what do you think of Ash's rivals? Anyone of them your favourite? So far both Kotetsu and Virgil are awesome!
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