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  • Yup school year is out of whack... and if it snows causing days off... They will def. Prolong school into july.
    Yeah, I know about it. That's true! But to be honest, I don't really mind or notice besides its only 3 Pokemon and if they ever do appear that's great but if not I'm fine with it as long as it relieves them I guess.

    Man, I'm so pumped for the Isshu League! Do you know about the cameos from previous trainers Ash met? :O
    Thanks, I'm happy to hear that. Can you make a banner for my clan? Not too many art shops make good looking banners, if your Ok with it making some for me.
    I would love to go to Japan just to get some of the Pokemon merchandise, but there are two problems: One is that Japan has a different currency than the US (and importing the products from Japan online is a bleep because import fees make everything more expensive), second is that I don't speak Japanese (I'm learning to speak Korean though, but Japanese is, as I was told, very hard to learn)
    Actually I have played B2 and i'm almost done just have to beat Drayden and Marlon. I've also been thinking of starting my own clan lately.
    I really miss those days too. You can BARELY find Pokemon merchandise anymore, it's so scarce it's gone to the point where people are now making their OWN Pokemon plushies and posting them on DeviantART and stuff, I wish I knew how to make one though...
    That Pikachu was a female?! That's why it was so different... I never noticed, I mean its not a regular thing to check a Pikachu's tail when you see one. I think so, I hope so too.

    Lol, its cause of an incident which happened in Japan. I forgot the word though...
    I don't really mind what gender my Pokemon are, well besides Pikachu cause I reflect it on Ash's and when teaching Attract I tend to teach it to girl Pokemon, again to reflect on Ash's. XD I did not know that. I guess so.

    Speaking of Pokemon's genders, when Ash crossed-dressed, Pikachu did too for the first time. XD I also think that Pikachu in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon animation was cute too for some reason it seemed different from Ash's.
    Hey Scept, long time no see! i see the clan has closed (Merged) and has merged with BAS which closed and was merged with another clan. So how have you been?
    Japan always gets the good stuff regardless of whether it's Pokemon merchandise or not, and everyone else gets lame stuff. I mean, In Japan, there are Pokemon stores, and there's even a Pokemon theme park. Pokemon is HUGE in Japan, and still is even now, to the point where the announcement of a new Pokemon game is essentially a national event there.

    Here in America, and I'll bet every other country, Pokemon is barely even seen anymore from what it was in the 90's, you barely see any good merchandise in the stores except the games and the cards (I was LUCKY to even find an Oshawott plush at my local Walmart), and even then, it's in bare amounts compared to merchandise from big American franchises like Transformers and My Little Pony (not that I hate either of those, though I'm having a growing dislike of the latter's fandom), only place you'll really find Pokemon merchandise is at Toys R' Us, and even then they're only based in large cities, and I live in a rural area, so that screws me over big time. Even then, it's not really that much Pokemon merchandise, but at least it's more

    There used to be an online Pokemon store on Pokemon.com and a Pokemon store called the "Pokemon Center" in New York, but the online store closed in 2006 (and shortly before D/P was released at that), and the Pokemon Center in NY closed and NoA revamped it into a general Nintendo store, with Pokemon being reduced to a bare corner on the first floor while Mario and Zelda dominate the remaining 90% of the store.

    Face it, Pokemon has gone downhill over here in the states, it's gone to the point where it's nonexistent anymore, heck ANY franchise from Japan that isn't one of those overrated as hell JRPGs is barely existent outside Japan, and instead, American franchises like Transformers and MLP are essentially at the top of the food chain.
    Hi Audrey, now that you've left The Black Ambitions Society, aren't you supposed to take their Userbar out of your Signature?
    Yes, but it's always the CUTE Pokemon and never the cool looking fierce ones, I mean, I know kids love dragons, and Charizard is no exception, but anymore, you don't see them marketing the dragons and monsters as half as much, just the cutesy, fluffy, stuffed animal kinds of Pokemon instead.

    I mean, I like a number of considerably "cute" Pokemon, like Buizel, Riolu, Mienfoo, and Vulpix, but I prefer the cooler looking Pokemon, like the evolution of those aforementioned Pokemon, still, I don't like seeing STRICTLY cute Pokemon.
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