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  • Haha, its fine! Its not the first time someone misread through my VM. XD

    Yeah, it looks so cool~! Yeah, the storyline is nice, funny how you chose to stay as a Pokemon at the end. I wouldn't compare, already I see a huge difference. Yep! I do too, but I'm fine as long they got my favourites; Pikachu, Oshawott and Snivy.
    In fact, if you've looked at what Pokemon Nintendo has been focusing all their marketing on since Gen 5 began, you'll notice that Nintendo has only marketed two kinds of Pokemon: Cute Pokemon (namely Pikachu, Axew, and the Unova Staters's base forms) and Legendaries, that's it, nothing else, and it's bothered me to death, I mean, Gen 5 introduced the most Pokemon of any generation to date (156 to be exact), and they only market the most BASIC ones of all, which happen to be the CUTE ones, or as Bulbagarden forum members call them (since I also go to that forum), the "plush toy stage" Pokemon.

    And lately they've been marketing Eevee and Eeveelution merchandise now for some reason or another, and we all know one thing Eevee and it's evolutions are: CUTE Pokemon. It seems like according to Nintendo now, there no longer is such a thing as a "cool" or "badass" Pokemon unless it's a legendary, because according to them, "cute" sells and makes more money than "cool" or "badass" does, seriously, this is Pokemon for pete's sake, not Care Bears or Furbies.
    Ah, I see! Still kind of what I meant though, right? xP

    PMD3? What's that stand for? Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? If so, then yeah! The graphics look amazing and cause of that it looks more cheerful! In my opinion of course.
    Awesome! Lol, I still think they are so I'm thinking like you use to. XD Yeah, only reason I'm doing so too and yeah true.

    Oh, I'm way past you in B2 but W2 I'm behind. o_O Ah, I get it now, you get one version while your brother gets the other. That's cool, I've never come across someone who does it like that.
    Really? So cool~! I've only heard of it recently when I lost to some guys who say they EV train Pokemon. I have somewhat of an idea of how to. Yeah, I've heard people say that too. I'm going to try to both. Can you do both EV and IV train a Pokemon?

    That's good! I've gotten the hang of it too, I'm just so lazy doing so that I even sit and try it. xD Oh, so your going to get those too?

    So how far you in W2 now?
    I know right, I mean, you have to legitimately battle the Gym leaders, not ask them for their badges, and it's a wonder why he's lost the league tournament 4 times.

    My favorite of all Ash's Pokemon was his Buizel, and mainly because Buizel and Floatzel are my favorite Pokemon, plus I thought he was an interesting Buizel to be fair, pity Ash didn't evolve him, cause he would have been a cool Floatzel for one thing. They tried redoing Buizel with his Oshawott, but Osha ended more like Dawn's Piplup, and many fans believe he should evolve to Dewott as quick as possible, but the writers are unlikely to do that (since they refuse to evolve most of Ash's Pokemon already), especially since they apparently want to keep him an Oshawott because it sells merchandise (and Dewott and Samurott DON'T!? I don't get their logic).
    ahh I see.

    I liked Volvagia and Ganondorf best but I really liked most of them.
    Hey everyone. I'll respond to your messages whenever the power is back here. I haven't had electricity for the whole week, and my "back-up" source is very limited. It's still unclear when it'll be back, but hopefully by tonight, everything will be fixed. Just letting you guys know if I'm absent for the next few days or so.
    Hey sorry. I got affected by Hurricane Sandy.
    That shiznit was BAD!

    Hmm I like The Cynthia battle theme (PokeRemix), I like the Victini/Wanderers theme (Remix), I am also into the Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf theme, and the Archie/Maxie theme.

    There are also anime themes like copy vs real pokemon.
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