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Schaden Freude
Last Activity:
Mar 10, 2016
Nov 7, 2013
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Schaden Freude

Devotee, from Coruscant

Schaden Freude was last seen:
Mar 10, 2016
    1. RogueMG10
      By the way, both T-Bolt and I have ordered in our match. If that wasn't obvious, sorry, because that was probably my fault. I only say anything because you posted in the thread after us so I thought our side conversation confused you.
    2. Zekrom2525
      What happened to my opponent ?
    3. deh74
      May I have permission to take over reffing your match with Extroph? As you know, I was a ref in the past, I just went inactive and wasn't regraded when Dave did ref evals and a currently awaiting a new ref test.
    4. Zekrom2525
      Yes i'll do a 3 mover, i have a few questions first though
    5. Kingothestone
      And another 1 sp from this. Feel free to share the wealth if you're so inclined.
    6. Zekrom2525
      What Should we do about the battle you are ref'ing ?
    7. TrottingMinccino
      Actually, I think i'm going to rescind on the challenge I put up on the Ref Queue. You don't need to set up the one you took up. Sorry about that!
    8. GhostlyMaiden
      So things have been going on in my life lately to a point where I don't come online anymore.
      I feel as though I can no longer continue you match against Zekorm and would like to forfeit.
      Thank you for taking the time in reffing out match and I do apologize for not being able to continue.
    9. Extroph
      Bumparooni for my match versus Benny+Lilia+Ash~
    10. SneaselFTW
      While I am not probably supposed to say this, I saw that during the latter part of round 2 (gym battle) you referred to Isaac as Scorpious.
      Just wanted to let you know. :-)
    11. GhostlyMaiden
      Thank you for letting me know, I have made my post. :)
    12. Astral Shadow
    13. TrottingMinccino
      Thanks for the answers. One last thing, is my 3-mover spent?
    14. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Hey SF it's been like 9 days since the last order in me and bleu match and we need the round reffed. I know the forum deleted some posts but if you're busy then just let us know please :) thanks.
    15. Astral Shadow
      Astral Shadow
      Need ya to repost for our match since the forums ate your post.
    16. ROFLMAO
      Don't worry about posting the thread for me vs. Lord Fighting, I don't have enough slots :x
    17. akaFila
      I'll just give Lord Fighting the win in our match. I'm a bit swamped for the next week and half.
    18. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Sorry. Not on the forums much atm.
    19. Extroph
      Yeah, I stopped inquiring for any form of help over Skype after reaching TL2 (aside from sig ideas). Defeating an opponent by myself is the greatest feeling, and losing will only benefit me in learning about the mistakes that I made.

      Anyway, am I allowed to use recently acquired Pokemon? I got an additional 6 'mons not a while ago, and I was wondering if they act like sigs in that you can't use them if they were acquired after the thread is up.
    20. Extroph
      Thanks, and yes, drama-free is nice. Apologies for being an impatient little brat yesterday, I wasn't in the best of moods >.<
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