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Schaden Freude
Last Activity:
Mar 10, 2016
Nov 7, 2013
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Schaden Freude

Devotee, from Coruscant

Schaden Freude was last seen:
Mar 10, 2016
    1. TrottingMinccino
      Should I come back to my match with Murder Doll again? Sorry for not posting on Thursday or Friday, by the way. I had all but forgotten about it!
    2. Extroph
      Are we gonna start the match or what? Sorry to be impatient but it's taking up a slot of mine and I'd like to have it back if we're not gonna battle.
    3. TrottingMinccino
      Just a friendly reminder about my match with Murder Doll. I ordered close to the 48 hour mark (I think).
    4. Extroph
    5. Murder Doll
      Murder Doll
      Be sure not to lose your bonus in the jelly cube match.
    6. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      I'd love to battle you sometime :)

      Not many refs go into that detail and effort for every round of every match especially when they are reffing at least 10 or so matches. :)
      Can you only go up 1 rank at a time?
    7. Kitt Geekazaru
      Kitt Geekazaru
      I keep forgetting about that ^-^'
    8. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      I should really read these asb attack descriptions x.x
      Thanks for answering.

      You're my favourite ref anyway ^^ but yh, gimme a poke then. :) Keep up these reffings and you'll certainly go up a rank :D
    9. Extroph
      Sounds good!
    10. Extroph
      I agree, it's only been a waste of a slot tbh
    11. Eliteknight
      sorry totally forgot to check the TA thread.
    12. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Surely there would be dust on the floor of the tower to use as sand? If anything I doubt the floor is squeaky clean...
    13. Extroph
      Would you like to cancel the match? Or just find a new ref? And wow it's been a while since we got an update haha
    14. Son_of_Shadows
      If you think I'm that bad then go ref it :3

      God damn it, you want a piece of me, Bleu wants a piece of me, everybody wants the SoSage. But yeah man let's fite
    15. Son_of_Shadows
      I may be a bad person...
    16. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      You can edit it in :)

      Arena Name: Dark Tower Arena
      Special Conditions for use: Both combatants agree
      Arena Special Rules: Always Nighttime, full moon shining in through broken windows
      Overall arena description:
      This arena is inside a gigantic, dark stone tower. The diameter of the circular floor is about 100 feet. As mentioned above, it is always nighttime at this arena and there is always a full moon to offer dim lighting. There is no roof on this tower, and all of the windows are broken, allowing for weather effects to be used to full advantage, except for Sandstorm, as there is no sand. The floor is stone. Sunny Day cannot be used here either. There is a staircase going up around the inside of the wall; it is made of wood an can break. It leads to a platform about 10 feet above the floor. This platform is made of wood and goes all the way around the inside of the wall. It is about ten feet wide at any given point and can fall under stress.

      Also, yes. Use that scale. I'm not really bothered. :P

      Also, when are the next ref evaluations? :3
    17. Plight of Leon
      Plight of Leon
      saw it, thankee
    18. Crash & Charm
      Crash & Charm
    19. Nulava
      I hope your okay in these tuff times.
      Believe me I know what you've going through.
    20. Symphony
      Oh okay! If I have a question, I I'll definitely come to you ;)
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