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  • I have a Moon Ball Pikipek for the Pineco. I’m free to trade most of the day tomorrow, I’m eastern time zone. How does that sound?
    Unfortunately I don’t have HA Amaura (working on that myself) but I have a fairly wide variety of poke balls and abilities as I have most games Gen 4 and up. Anything else you might be interested in? I’m still after that pineco ha.
    Thanks for all the Pokémon. I appreciate them. I’m gonna get back to breeding Snovers now. Take care. (Dang it! I keep posting messages on my own profile).
    Alright. I’m ready. I had to grab the right cartridge from downstairs and prepare some stuff first.
    So, are you saying you don’t want the female Treecko? I have the other Pokémon (except Friend Rotom) finished, too. I’m currently working on a Level HA Hippopotas for your roomie. I’ll do a quick Friend Rotom afterwards. As for what I’d like in exchange for it, could I have a Moon Flabébé (Blue)? Also, I’m not sure I feel very comfortable accepting two Pokémon for one, especially when it’s not exactly what you requested. I’d prefer to just trade a total of 6 for 6 (assuming you don’t want the female Treecko).
    During the free time I’ve had to breed today, I’ve stricktly been working on Treecko. In the end, I was only able to breed one Treecko with HP Fire. Unfortunately, it isn’t HA. So, I can offer you the best HA female and, if you’d like it, I can trade the HP Fire Treecko. They’re both Timid and, at least know Leaf Storm. On a separate note, after I had made my initial offers, I was able to get ahold of a Friend Rotom, so that’s always an option, too. Oh, and I ask you not to breed anything special, as I don’t plan to put the same effort in the rest as I did with Treecko (And I really do thank you for understanding how busy I am).
    How about these for my requests:
    - Lure Ball Druddigon (HA)
    - Fast Ball Helioptile
    - Level Ball Sigilyph
    - Love Ball Skrelp
    - Moon Ball Pancham (HA)

    I need to finish breeding a Wishiwashi, then I'll start on your requests.
    Looking over your recent list of desired Apricorn Pokémon, I have gathered those I have in the list below:

    Heavy Piplup (HA)
    Moon Piplup (HA)
    Fast Chimchar (HA)
    Friend Treecko (HA)
    Heavy Aron (HA)
    Fast Rotom
    Love Audino (HA)
    Lure Mudkip (HA)

    If you're interested in any, don't hesitate to inform me. I'll try to breed you two what you want. Two notes, though: I'm very busy at the moment, so IV breeding will take time. Also, I can breed Hidden Power Fire (31/0/31/30/31/30) into Treecko, given a little time.
    There'll always be another trade someday, true true.
    ...not sure when that'll be, since I'm doing the Masuda, but it'll happen. I've yet to escape the allure of sending out pokemon in colorful balls.
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