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  • I'm online and waiting, not sure if I should be looking for a name besides "Zeki"...

    If I sent you a "bad" Mienfoo, let me know, i forgot to check IVs beforehand.
    In the Gamefreak building on Akala Island in Heahea City (where you would get the Oval and Shiny charms), theres a guy who asks you which color you prefer between the 4 colors of the first-gen games. In US/UM only, if you have a pokemon that has been transported from a Gen 2 game in your party (not sure if it works with a pokemon from a gen 1 game, also it doesn't need to be Scyther specifically it can be anything, that's just what I sent up personally), the guy will make a comment and give you a full set of Apricorn balls.
    Now I'm not sure if you have to have done anything before you can get the balls (obviously you need to have gotten far enough in Akala Islands trials to access the part of the city that Gamefreak is in), and again I'm not sure if the same pokemon can be used multiple times on different saves (also I might not even be thinking of the right guy..., but if you wanna try it out I don't have any personal attachment to this Scyther. Also I'm ready whenever you are. Pretty sure I still have you registered as a friend if you wanna do it tonight.
    First off, that does remind me I have a GB Scyther that I used to get the full Apricorn set from Gamefreak, so if you need that then let me know. That's the only interesting thing about Scyther though, and in fact I'm not even sure the same pokemon can be used for the Apricorn set multiple times on different saves...

    Second, I'd actually like your Level Ball Rufflet if that works for you. And if you ever want Beast Larvesta... well I'll be that one guy who has it for some reason :D
    Thank you very much. I actually don't have either of those berries, yet, so those will help me out. I actually have a 6IV male and female Hawlucha I bred a while ago. I specifically bred them in order to get you a 6IV one, so don't worry about that. Though, I do thank you for the complement about me being nice. Anywho, thanks again and take care.

    Edit: Oh, yeah, they definitely work in those games. I traded an unused Friend Ball over from Sun to Ultra Sun a long time ago and transferred the Hawlucha back over to breed there (which is why it lacks Feint). Same went for Frillish.
    Awesome. I'll prepare your Pokemon (give them bonus hold items) in my PC while I wait. Thanks for the extra effort to breed Emolga's HA in, by the way.
    Okay. Rotom’s done and when searching my Bank for the male Frillish to breed with, I found two spare females already bred. One has Water Absorb and the other has Cursed Body. So, take your pick of those, too.
    Oki doki, then. I’ll have to get back to you on requests in a bit. I bred a new Hawlucha for you last night (in case you would need it) I’m currently breeding Rotom and I’ll do a new Frillish once I’m done with that.

    Edit: How about a Dhelmise and a Gothita in a Love Ball and Emolga in a Level Ball? I don’t believe I have those yet. While HA is always a perk, I won’t expect it since mine don’t have theirs. One thing before I go, I actually have two Hawluchas. One Unburden, 31/31/31/X/31/31. The other, while 6IV, has Limber. Both female. Either one you’re welcome to.
    Hey there. Was overviewing your list of desired newly available Apricorn Pokémon. I do have a few. I’ve personally used balls on two and bred them. Those would be Friend Hawlucha and Love Frillish. I didn’t breed the HA into either, though. I don’t think I even have a Hawlucha with its HA. I also plan on catching a Rotom in a Lure Ball tomorrow. So, if you’re interested in any of those, or anything else, let me know.
    Noticed you wanted ball choices now available in USUM. I happen to have Love Mienfoo and Beast Larvesta for new options, also competitively bred. Mienfoo is HA and has Knock Off and Baton Pass, Larvesta is non-HA, egg moveless, and also not in the pokeball I wanted it in, I was just chucking beasts not thinking the catch would be done in the first 3 I threw.
    If you'd rather have any other Larvesta ball, I'd rather not go back and recatch Larvesta given the 1% encounter rate, but I'm still willing.
    Welcome! As always nice trading with you! Be sure to check my spreadsheet every now and then people seem to be more giving with Wonder trade lately I'm getting all sorts of goodies lol Now I'm off to spread the wealth of Love ball rockruffs with some more WTing hopefully someone will be happy when they get one.
    Anywho happy holidays!
    So your pokemon are done and your mailbox is full lol just send me a PM me so I get an alert on my phone if you want to trade today.
    Actually I was looking through my Abras and I noticed I'm missing naughty so can I kindly ask for that one too please.
    No problem. I would like to ask for these five nature Abras: Brave, Impish x2, Adamant and Sassy
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