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  • Your female HA Luvdisc is ready. Managed to get 3 perfect stats. Let me know once you're ready, too. PM me though, as I'm about to log off. I'll get the email on my phone and hop right back.
    Okay, then. I must warn you, I'm pretty backed up with requests now, not to mention my own desires for the next Tournament. I can't promise the best IVs. So, don't feel obligated to do serious breeding.
    Exactly. Do you want the Chikorita, or a female HA Luvdic (Poké Ball, I believe)?
    I have an HA Luvdisc in AS. I can transfer mine over too and breed you one, too.
    Do you need any recatchable Pokémon from HeartGold in an Apricorn/Safari Ball? I'm looking for a Love Ball Luvdic to breed for Valentine's. I can either trade something from there or my perfect HA Chikorita. The Chikorita is male, but it's in a Friend Ball and has 4 Egg moves.
    Online battling can get frustrating, but it is pretty satisfying when you sweep someone with just one Pokémon. I did that with Alolan Ninetails before. Once you set up Aurora veil, it's pretty much a done deal haha

    I actually managed to finish up my pokedex. I was almost finished with it, so I just searched the ones I asked for off the GTS. Helped me get rid of most of my Litwicks too. Thank you for help though, I appreciate it
    Alright I've got all your mons ready including the new bunch. Half on gen 6 and half on gen 7 but you will only be trading me fodder on gen 6. :)
    It's like when you use Zubat. You make it happy level it up and then the second it evolves it gets boxed :p

    But how does it guarntee you will get a shiny in the same amount of eggs as the magikarp?

    I've just got all the dream ball HA starters so you can take chimchar off. The rest I need though :)

    Sweet. You've been busy I see :eek:
    Aww, but if they faint they get all sad and that's no fun! Poor babies...
    I see! If it works it works yeah? We'll see what I decide to do; since I spend so little time in the game other than to trade, passive training in Poke Pelago is probably the best idea. Saves time despite taking time, if that makes sense. xD
    I personally don't mind online battling. Once I breed more Pokémon, it'll be something I do more often. I read about people with "edited save data" too. Why do something you know you'll get banned for? Makes no sense

    As for pokedex fillers, if you have Whimsicott, Krookodile, Flygon, Vikavolt or Cosmoem, those would be helpful. Most of everything else I need I can easily obtain myself
    You clearly love the one with HA more than the one without. Child favouritism already ;D

    Once you've picked out what I'm missing could you also list the ones you want as well please :)
    *Greninja tells Gallade not to screech and also congratulates Gallade on the shiny Ralts with HA :)*
    That could also be a possibility. I'm not really familiar with the names of hackers, but the OT for Politoed was Draco. Those Dittos are all over the GTS. Shiny ones from different regions in different balls all holding destiny knots. I've gotten one in a love ball I think. Oh, off topic but did you see that the missing mega stones are gonna make their way into the game? Through online competitions I think it said

    Thank you btw. I'll be heading to bed soon, but I'll VM you when I'm free tomorrow on more I could use help with. Thank you again, and if you need help with anything in return, let me know!
    That's what I figured. Ah well. I'm not really a fan of Politoed anyway. I got the dex entry, and that's all I wanted.

    Once again, I appreciate your help :) and there are some more I could use help with if you don't mind. I just didn't wanna overwhelm you. Could I ask for your help again tomorrow? No worries about the Porygon evos. Managed to get them off the GTS. People really want a fast ball Litwick haha
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