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  • Yeah, we can. I'm not sure about this Politoed. It's level 50 and was holding leftovers. Either way, I don't really plan on keeping it. I'll head to the plaza
    Awesome! I'm just trying to knock out some of the evolved Pokémon. I put up one of my many Litwicks up on the GTS for a Politoed, and I ended up getting a shiny one with perfect IVs >.> But I'll be here for another hour at most if you'd wanna trade tonight, or we can do so tomorrow
    Thank you! Congrats with Honedge :) But yeah, Gligar will be my next hunt still. I appreciate your offer. If you have Magnezone, Decidueye, Incineroar or Garchomp, that would be a big help
    Well that's a beauty in the Visitor Message. And a bane in the giveaway business I guess. Still enjoying Gligar (now a Gliscor).

    Either way, we know how to find each other. See you then!
    Thank you, hope Porygon is worth the effort you put in, whatever the hell that effort may be.

    If you happen to see something interesting I have again... well hope your inbox isn't full when that time comes :D

    (also hope those other two mean something, I don't actually have any throwaway pokemon that aren't IV bred)
    At about 30+ wins. I've hit 59 wins before hax killed me LMAO.

    What is this method I keep hearing about? :x

    Totodile, Bulbasaur, Salamence, Slowhoe, Torterra, Gardevoir, Wimpod, Swampert, Torchic, Garchimp, Tentacruel, Vaporeon, Flygon, Wailord, Milotic, Snorlax, Drampa, Rapidash, Heracross, Skarmory, Weezing and more :3
    Okay so it's tomorrow now and I'm not touching any games besides Pokemon today. Just send a VM whenever your going online, I'm trying to check the website every 15-30 minutes now.
    Thaaaaaaaankkkkk you :)

    That they are. It's fun. For about 5 mins. The theme teams are pretty annoying too. So like all electric or all dragon :p

    You got another MM project?

    When I get a chance I really want to get back to MMing. :3
    No worries :)

    Sorry for dragging my heels. Need these items for both our competitive battles :3

    Have you tried the battle tree?
    I am breeding the gen 6 part of Alex's trade with you. Would you mind if we did his trade tomorrow? :)

    I am grinding in the battle tree for items ATM :X

    Trade our stuff then as well if that's OK? :)
    Haha yes, I will likely use Poke Pelago. In 6th I used to EV train using hordes, the EXP Share and a Lv. 100 Pokemon to transfer the EVs over. Pokerus/Macho Brace still affects the EV total so it took about an hour to fully train something. c: I heard it's less cycles with SOS Chaining so I'll likely do the same method when I get the right Pokemon transferred!
    Sweet! Thanks a ton, and have a good night! c:
    Smart! So I think it'll be good~
    Thank you much!! More Pokemon for me to EV train...Hopefully I can get to a good point in my game while I travel tomorrow night. Here's to hoping!
    It should be fine. There are "slots" for Ability 1, Ability 2, and Hidden. Regardless of if something only has one ability, it's still differentiated: for Pokemon who have only 1 normal Ability, it's just the same thing for both slots, but it'll be different in a species with two. So if Magikarp has its HA, so will anything you change it into! c:
    Alright, it seems my other person isn't showing up, so if you have a quick minute I'm hanging out in the Plaza!
    Right? It makes MMing for a competitive Shiny much easier IMO. Sounds super nice...wish I had the patience to try. ;w;
    Sounds familiar; I used to be like that in college. Unfortunately I now work 10+ hours a day so I need to try and be rested, hence no late nights like, ever. @w@
    So one of my trades is done, I'm waiting on another and hopefully it'll work out. @@ I'll keep you posted!
    That is the whole reason to do it haha. Hopefully it works out though!

    Probably a good indication haha. Well certainly don't push yourself if it gets too late! c:
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