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  • Sweet! Stuff on 6th is cloned so let's start there, then I'll hop to 7th, clone the two on there and finish up the trade! c:
    OKAY, I'm here sorta! Everything ran later than usual (again) so I still need to clone, but I think I can do it pretty quick! c:
    At least I was able to Hyper Train it so it's all good. And in a Luxury Ball too! :D But you're now another owner of the blood colored sword!

    I need to register my MAC address at my college again I think. .__.
    Congratulations on that shiny Honedge! Certainly better then my Quiet Honedge with an IV spread of 31/31/31/16/31/30. :p

    Also I really apologize for not being able to trade you that Friend Ball Larvitar. I'm trying to get internet on my 3DS again. ;_;
    Do you use google drive?

    A male level abra and a level snorunt in gen 7? That works

    Ah sweet thanks. I will do :D
    Haha wow, that's very surprising! Maybe people didn't wanna trade theirs cause Garchomp is such an awesome Pokémon.
    No problem though. When you decide upon a good nickname and are ready to evolve it, I'd be happy to help :)
    Wasn't shiny Gliscor a darker blue back in 5th gen? Either way, I still like it since blue is my favorite color! I'm surprised you got a shiny Gliscor for a Garchomp though. Thought people only asked for legendaries when it came to shinies haha.
    It's no problem! It's the least I could do since you traded me those Pokémon recently! Whenever you wanted to do so, let me know. I'll be around for another hour or 2
    I agree. Nascar ninja definitely looked better back in 5th gen. Even still, I wouldn't hunt for it. I don't wanna spend who knows how long trying to get it just so that it could stay in the PC forever. I actually caught a shiny Litwick back in 5th gen too. I thought I transferred it over but I didn't and idk what happened. I don't think it's nature was good anyway, so here I am hunting for a new one. I say transfer it! It'd be a shame not to. I can help you evolve it too if need be. I have another Shelmet
    Haha nascar ninja, I like that. Nascar ninja looks pretty cool shiny too. No worries. Even though I was like "uh oh" when I saw it wanted to learn new moves haha. Like you said, it wasn't really anything worth it anyway. Like, who wants to learn leer?
    Haha yeah, yours wanted to learn some new moves too. Water shuriken though? That's pretty awesome!
    No problem! Happy I could help :D
    I wish you luck with your hunt! I'm still working for Litwick myself. Spent almost the whole day breeding yesterday haha. I'm on, so whenever you're ready :)
    Btw the level ball abra is one of the few that I traded for on gen 7 so I don't have it on gen 6 at all :3
    Did you want something else or do you still want both genders on gen 7?
    I still need to obtain all the alohan HA mons first. Then I can worry about the rest >.>

    Yh that's a big IF to see if it has updated :p

    You can always PS it ;)
    You have commitment I admire that.

    O.O wow. You really want those HA's lol :p
    Well now banks out there are no illegal apricorn HA mons so this makes updating my list twice as hard >.>

    More pokemon? :D Please list them and we'll sort them out after I breed for the first trade.

    Congrats but no HA though lmao :p

    Ooo you've started HA breeding already? O.O
    What time zone are you in? EST or CMT?

    Yeah. I should have refreshed the page. My bad :3

    I want a lure ball sheer force Feraligatr lol.

    Slowbro tells me that the Hoenn starters are avaliable in dream ball :eek: with the new breeding mechanics the dream ball can finally be passed down.

    I shall actively look for them! When I find them, I'll send sone your way!
    Contrary Dusk Snivy? :D

    Think I'll go breed it's HA onto a friend ball. Or Nest. I actually prefer the lighter green of the nest ball :p

    Yeah. You sent your VM at 12.37am. I was asleep, sorry. I'm around for like 15 hours now. So I'll trade when it suits you. :)

    What other HA ball combos are you going after? :)
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