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  • Arise!
    I was literally laughing pretty hard when she said repeat tar doesnt really match XD

    song :eek:
    Awesome. Thank you. I was in the middle of watching American Horror Story on my phone when my alarm I had set this morning went off. I'm glad you happened to see be here right on time. Now, I need to get ready for a dinner party at my neighbor's. The couple that lives next to us is moving out, so we're getting together one last time. Thanks again and take care.
    I've used it before, but I'm not that familiar with it. I could always use a new trading spot :)
    Great. I have your Miltank ready, too. I'll try to connect/log in this afternoon at 3:00 pm (PST). I hope that's okay with you.
    Would you be interested in a HA Miltank in a Love Ball. Checking your spreadsheet, I saw you have a standard one in AS/OR, but since you can't breed the HA into it, I thought I'd offer one of mine.
    Honestly I'm just glad to be able to do something, I have tons of project ideas but normally I don't get beyond the point of writing the idea down. Something is always preventing me from starting or completing. This time I got a rocky start but I manged to push past and I'm actually getting something done. So yeah if it actually turns out nice I'm totally going to be showing it off.

    Alright your pokemon are ready when ever you are. No rush! Just do me a favor and PM me so I get an alert on my phone if you want to trade today. I'll be working on that project and it sorta just makes time fly by. XD spent 3 hours on it without even realizing it the other day, my back did not like it.
    Heh thanks I'm going to need it! If it turns out as nice as I hope it will I'll happily brag/show it off but until then I'm not saying anything XD

    Alright I'll get started on them when I wake up, ah any preference on gender/etc... ?
    Ah lol your not the only one who lost track! Hah, my brain has been focused on packing and looking for new place on top of that I've started a new project that will either be an epic fail or be kinda cool. Real life just got super busy!

    Anyways I would love to trade for the Treecko, Komala and a Dusk ball Purrloin. Ah but I have no idea what it was that you wanted in return for them mind telling me?
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