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  • On special today: Gastly with Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psychic. All Gastlys come with 31 IVs in speed (cause I'm just that crazy) and modest nature.

    Currently seeking: Sleep Talk TMs, Stealth Rock TMs, and Leftovers, but PM me if you can offer something else. I take most things.
    Currently seeking Master Ball.

    Offering: ONE Japanese ditto, lucky eggs, almost any egg move pokemon, and many TMs and other items. PM me offers!
    Current egg Pokemon specialty: Vulpix with Hypnosis, Energy Ball, Dark Pulse, Heat Wave. PM me if you're interested!
    Willing and wanting to help everyone out. If you give me time, I can make most things, including egg moves and rare pokemon. PM me if you want anything!

    Always wanting: Japanese dittos.
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