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  • I will trade you elekid w/electirizer if you can trade me a ditto with any of the following natures: adamant, jolly, modest, timid, calm, sassy, or brave.
    Yeah, that's fine.

    And yep. Register my friend code, go downstairs and into the trade thingy, and wait for me to show up.
    Eh...not too much. If they can be avoided I'd appreciate it, but it's not too big of a deal. If you can set any of their names back to the defaults though, I'd prefer that.
    Yeah, that's fine. Thank you. :D

    Do you care about the nicknames? Some of the nicknames are kinda... odd. (well, just Heatran)
    Yeah, I can get you all of the Kanto/Johto ones. I believe I have an unclaimed Cyndaquil and uncaimed Totodile I can trade right away, I'll have to breed a Chikorita but I could still get that to you tonight if I don't take too long washing dishes ((I'm gone by 10 EST, so I should have some time left afterwards, but you never know)). But for the Kanto starters you have to wait till ~6PM EST tomorrow because I can't mirgrate again until them.

    As for what I'd want in return, any D/P legendaries work just fine, the only one I can think of right off that I don't have is a Palkia, but other than that I'll take most any of them.
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