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Last Activity:
Sep 14, 2017
Nov 19, 2006
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<< Rawr!!!

Scizor22 was last seen:
Sep 14, 2017
    1. Spudnugget1
      I am, of course, full of myself. I'm sure you're a wonderful person.

      Hey, at least you got some VMs, right?
    2. Spudnugget1
      You are by far the least magical man in the history of sand.
      Not once has a series of posts spurred me towards the brink of regurgitation as much as yours. Please cease and desist, not then, not now, but permanently - lest you defile the glorious name of all that is pixellated, bearded and Birchy.

      Of course, one may argue that this is a month too late. I would henceforth say that no man of your caliber could ever possibly understand a word I say, let alone what I intend to say.

      TL;DR: Stop posting for a good few years and read wikis on net history and proper etiquette, then come back. Or go to Youtube. I don't have a problem with you, just the words you say.
    3. Moneyy
      Remove the fake quote from your signature or a moderator will remove it for you. Your fake quote isn't funny, interesting, or clever. Next time you decide to insult someone, do it more creatively.
    4. Estellise
      Whoa, I actually typed THAT message out?
    5. Kelz
      ...Still lonely.
    6. Kelz
      Your VM wall looks lonely.
    7. Yellow Torterra
      Yellow Torterra
      Sorry for the moderately offensive PM, I clicked the wrong link.
    8. Divinity_123
      your song was epic.

    9. Pikachu78
      Hi there Scizor22!
    10. Luke the Almighty
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