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  • Ah yeah I recall now. I still have you in my FC list aswell I think.. Any friend of Burn is a friend of mine lol.

    Enjoy the holidays aswell !
    Yeah dude im still a doubles man through hand through. My favorite teir is NU because of the huge amount of pokemon that are available and the fact that no one really ever uses them so theres more room for actual strategy. Im doing vgc now that im back into pokemon and look forward to the challenge of being creative while most wil abuse the top 16 pokemon like they did in lthis years vgc
    Nice! seems like we both have good things happening for us bro. In the mean time i found this cool guy that recorded himself progressing through the storyline of pokemon x. i was surprised to see pikachu so early in the game along with semi sage ect. That was definitely a treat to see. What teirs do you most like battling?
    Dude so my ebay order of pokemon y fell through but i found a pokemon x seller and the awesome thing is that she lives in the same state as i do! I texted her and told her that my 3ds arrives tomorrow and asked if she could send out the game today and she said she would send it out asap. So excited
    Thanks alot man! Yeah im really excited, i made a vgc team on showdown after studying the teir for three days and its a beastly team dude. I cant wait to have that team on my game card. Also really excited to shiny hunt and even though no one breeds legitly for competitive pokemon anymore i look forward to the challenge and my most favorite part of pokemon is making creative teams and beating those who use the top 16 pokemon. :)
    Yeah i came back expecting everyone to still be here but theres only like 2. Anyway im actually pretty good man,theres been alot of srtress but things have turned around for the better. Dont feel bad about not getting either of the new games though. Im getting pokemon y for the first time on friday and i cant wait to play that. Ive done alot of research and i dont think that we will be missing out on the game of the century or anything. I look forward to adding you and getting advice from you for a change since im new to this gen lol. Then we will be fighting for our lives lol
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