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Recent content by scizorking

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    The Miltank episode just got more interesting (pic!)

    0_0 They created monsters
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    __ I M P A L E D ; angel && [Graphics]

    Could you make this? "Ah, Oira-Kun, I was expecting you..." • Images: http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/4/47/ArtPorygonZ.png • Text: DJ Flux Master of CyberSpace • Style: Something cyberspace like. • Size: 450x100 • Colours: Crimson Red and Cerulean Blue • Border: I don't know what you...
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    What's your favorite Pokemon/Type?

    It's constantly changing but currently Porygon-Z is my favorite.
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    RMT Stall to KaBoom

    Seems good to me. Just don't Explode to fast in Blissey's face as they may use Blissey to get rid of Azelf that way
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    Pokemon of the Week Discussion

    Porygon-Z is one of my favorites but Thunderbolt and Focus Sash should of gotten a mention...
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    Countering Skarmbliss: A pet peeve

    To be honest I hate Charizard >_>
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    RMT- Pretty standard...

    My RMT, yay... Porygon-Z @Focus Sash Timid, 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Speed Adaptability -Tri Attack -Thunderbolt -Ice Beam -Nasty Plot Standard lead. Metagross @Expert Belt Adamant- 252 Atk, 152 Speed, 76 HP, 28 Def Clear Body -Meteor Mash -Thunderpunch -Earthquake -Agility...
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    Who's your Poke' mascot?

    I'd say either Gliscor or Scizor...
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net

    On the new page about Eruption/Water Spout it says that those attack can't cause Critical hits. Then why did a Kyogre critical me with Water Spout the other day? And why did I see a PBR battle on youtube with a typhlosion causing a critical hit with Eruption?
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    cheap pokemon

    Darkrai... That THING is the reason why I don't battle in Ubers anymore
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    How the Sprites differ in D/S

    walrein will have have smaller sabertheet for the female