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  • Long time no speak! I've been away for a bit (as have you methinks) but I'm back kinda now >.< Trying to finally get this training thing up and running.

    How are you anyway?
    I could've sworn I replied to you, so sorry!

    Namesake? *perks ears*

    Broadcasting to Nursing never happened heh, I was taken in by the Digital Art crowd - I went to the Uni's Career Adviser and, looking at my qualifications, she suggested talking to the DigiArt heads. Made a portfolio of my work and they swapped me over straight away ^.^ sooo much happier now!

    Uni is nothing to be afraid of, a bit daunting and confusing at first, but as with school etc, you ease into it and find your feet eventually ^.^
    Hey dude, nah it's fine honestly.
    I have loads to do too, put the whole competitive team thing on hold.
    Coursework to do, Uni portfolio for my interview next week. And a few eurhm, personal things I need to deal with...
    So yeah, next week should be all right. I'll e-mail you sometime then. Good luck with Uni stuff. And buy your girlfriend something nice, yeah? ;)
    Oh so I did, good thing you noticed 'cause I wouldn't have had a clue!

    Righto, go ahead. I've thought of a team myself, but 3 of the members are OU, so I guess I would have to play in the OU metagame... Oh well, I like the team too much at the moment to cut half of them. I'll make changes after I've practiced, sure, but for the moment I'll stick to these.

    If it doesn't take too long to train these Pokémon, I might have a go at a UU team as well, and alternate, y'know? It's all for fun anwyays. But yeah, I'll PM you my lineup, see what you think.
    Oh right, I see. Whereabouts do you live? This is quite different to Uni courses around where I am, heh. Usually we just take one subject, sometimes with a minor. Four in college though.
    But yeah, sure that'd be cool. Would be nice to see another beginner's thought process when making a team. I've made a couple mock-ups myself, though none complete. I'm finding it really hard to find Pokémon I like that work well together, and could also do well competitively, heh.
    Aah yes it must be. Art Degree? Sounds cool! I love drawing too, but I hated the Art courses in school and college D: As well as the teachers... lol.

    And atm, I'm not too sure whether to go into UU or OU metagame. Y'see, I would rather have a suprising team in UU than have to choose the most powerful Pokémon in OU, but at the same time, I would like to actually have a chance to get some wins on Wi-fi.

    So far my only ideas that seemed plausible are a Sandstorm team. Actually, I might start with UU. Who's to say I can't make another team afterwards? ^^

    How far along are you with your UU team?
    Fantastic, I have to say, I myself am wanting to get into this whole metagame business. It sounds fun, and I really want to see if I can hold up against some of the more experienced online battlers. I've not made a team at the moment (restarted Diamond) but pretty soon I'm gonna start on the whole IV Breeding, EV training malarky.

    Hey, perhaps once we both get going we can have a friendly match?

    About the new games: yeah, I'm really interested in what they intend to introduce as a "new" aspect to the game, as each generation has had something so far. I'm going to do a Games Design course at Uni, starting in September, so I'm really into that sorta stuff, y'know.

    How about you? I see you're birthday is in November, which would have put you in a year below in school? Any plans? :)
    Cool, must be expensive though.

    Sounds good, I look forward to it. I'm thinking of trying for Monash so it'll be great hearing from someone who has experienced it. But having only turned 15 last month it's a while off yet. :p
    Calm down darling, inside text, inside text. ;)

    Sure is. =P

    Yes, I'll work hard. But Monash should be/is good right? Do you live on campus?
    Lol, my gender had always been set as male and yet people still thought I was a girl, so it's like an inside joke now. :D Don't worry about it, sweetie. ;)

    *facepalm* I'm tired, that's my excuse...

    Yeah, I went quite well in Units 1 and 2, so hopefully. Yeah, but I'll get through it. General/Further, they call it two names for some reason.
    It's Matt, but most people on here call me Doop. :D What's yours?

    Well, I'm doing 3 and 4 of Legal, 1 and 2 English, Maths, History, IT and Chinese.
    Ohai there Scott!
    Welcome to the Forum, yeah, I just joined too. 5th Generation speculation and all that, y'know. Thanks for the message :)
    My names Marcus, it's nice to meet you. I'll drop you a friend request thing, I'm not sure if it makes much difference, but at least you'll show up on the sidebar thingy! ^^
    So yeah. What made you join Serebii? :)
    You're more than welcome ^.^ it's always nice to chat to new folk ^.^

    Nah, sorry to dissappoint but I'm not Australian, I'm Scottish :p I'm at Univeristy of West Scotland doing Broadcast (although I'm about to jump into nursing if they accept my application *crosses fingers*).

    Taking a break can be good, usually helps to just take a step back and come back later all renewed, fresh and ready to go ^.^ good luck with your creative writing. I actually, as part of my Broadcast degree this year, have a creative writing class too, it's not as much work as you, but still ^.^
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