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  • I hate them... >.>"
    It's MISS, sir!!! >.<"
    IT IS A GOOD EXCUSE AND IF YOU DON'T THINK SO YOU GO TAKE CARE OF HIM, OK?!?!?! :mad: Whether you choose to believe it or not... is your problem. Not mine. And definitely not the aliens'. :p

    Noooooo..... oh well, I have cookie dough - I can eat that. x3 *Nomnoms cookie dough* xP
    Gah, GENDER TERMS!!!! >.<"
    Well actually they took me to Alaska to speak with their arch nemesis - he was disabled though. So I spent my time looking after him. Surely that's a good enough reason?? :<
    Omg, NOOOO!!!! C'mon, I just had TWO people say that there's no cookies and then you take the only ones I have away?!?! C'MON!!!!! ;^;

    *Tackles you to the floor* MY COOKIES!!!!! :mad:
    Hahaha that's what you're worried about? xD It's the flimsy, polyethen one if must really know.

    Yeah, it doesn't take much to make me laugh. xD The weirdest thing I ever laughed at was silence. o_O How can you possibly laugh at silence!
    *throws you a party* xD

    I actually enjoy being a "kid" 'cause I don't have to worry about responsibility and whatnots. *shrugs* I'm a lazy person. xD

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. :D
    What? I'm not lying, honest. ^^ I've been writing a lot yesterday so I didn't have time to read your story. I will though! 8)
    Well, the artists I listen to in terms of music are Ayreon, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Vocaloid, and Kelly Clarkson. I'm planning on getting more into Dead By April.
    Really? In that case... *hits you with a rubber chicken* xD

    LOL! You have no idea how hard I laughed after reading that second line. xDD

    You're a smart person. Everyone else should follow your example because JB will definitely do that! 8)

    Good thing I'm not 18 then. xD
    LOL! It's entertaining to see their scared faces though. xD The one I like to see is Paranormal Witness(I think that was the name) and it can be pretty scary sometimes. I love to scare myself. 8D

    I'm not really into history documentaries unless they talk about major wars such as WW I and II.

    All thanks to your advice!
    Sure you aren't. xD Sure, but I'll probably do it tomorrow since it's getting late for me right now. ^^'
    You were right. It made me feel special when I got my first reviewer. :)
    Violence is never the answer! xD

    Yeah, at first it was pretty funny, but the ending was just so sad. D': They have a manga for it too, but it's like a prequel to the anime.

    Thanks! ^^ I'm not really much for metal, but mostly for country. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of pop too.
    The fist thing that popped into my mind was Justin Beiber with his song called "Baby". All he basically says is "Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohh!" Never been a huge fan of his. -_-' You're right though. Either that, or they try to change their music style which ends up sounding worse.

    I watch some cartoons ocassionally from CartoonNetwork or some Disney series. I love to watch those paranormal documentaries about ghosts, real mermaids, bigfoot, or any of those big myths. For some reason cryptiology(I think it's called) always interests me. ^^
    I would never do that to a friend, and you were probably busy anyways.

    Hahaha. You got that right. xD

    Ah I understand. Angel Beats only has 13 episodes so it's short. How do you like it so far?

    Yeah I do. I like to listen to country, pop, rock, and j-pop mostly. How about you?
    Well, IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn), ContestShipping (Drew x May), AdvancedShipping (Ash x May), SommileurShipping (Cilan x Burgundy), MeoAshShipping (Ash x Meowth), CafeMochaShipping (Ash x Cilan), RocketShipping (James x Jessie), KodakShipping (Ash x Trip), FlavscentShipping (Trip x Iris), and PalletShipping (Ash x Gary). Then there are some crossover pairings...^^'
    Sowwy... ;~;
    We'll start off generic, hmm?? How are you? xD
    But it's my date to go with the aliens today! I've got ready and everything; there's a spare place if you wanna come like you said. xP
    Hell no! I don't wear that crap! *Throws it at you* xP

    Omg... that's the face I make when I see people buying apples... in the ORANGE SECTION. I'm just all, "WHY U DO DAT?!?!"... doesn't make sense... >.>" That was sort of a feeble joke... though it DOES get under my skin a little... XDD
    Omg, yes... Satan? Nah, are you kidding? I see him every three weeks. No biggie. xP //joking//
    In all seriousness, I haven't... have you really, or were you just joking?? O.e

    Seven Nation Army's pretty bouncy - a good tune. I like it. I like to listen to it with the volume high from time to time... then again, I always have my volume high. xD
    I LOVE that song... the cover being particularly nice; not like most of the other garbage covers... x3
    Lights? I think... I have heard of it. But just to check, I may give it a listen sometime. :3

    You like learning about me? Well, go figure... xD
    I like learning about people in general.
    Why're you "afraid" you'll have to put me in the "Georgia Category" - replace the skirt and the short hair, and you get me... pretty much. Nah, I'm WAY too advanced from Georgia. xP
    Omg... I like Dawn - or really, don't have a reason to hate her, all the girls I'm ok with until I gain that reason - but she is FAR too girly for me... so thank you... O.e
    Well, I thought it was a little random from the way these angst points ae appearing, buts its necessary for character develoment.

    I'm just curious how well it was done. I'm not a big fan of PearlShipping, and I think the filters are fine. I just want to figure out how a freaking six year old gets their chubby hands on a computer and writes a LEMON of all things.
    *sighs* I guess the root is the load of drama I went through in fourth grade, when kids begin to develop personality...

    Um...*blushes* Thank you, I thought it was unorganized, so...but a lemon written by a SIX year old? WTF? Let me see that...
    I'm actually a pretty insecure person, to be honest. If somone insults me, I'll mull over it for days. If I give or receive a compliment, I'm walking on air. I wasn't sure if I should, but after I finally edited the chapters, I felt ready. So what do you mean by "you of all people"?
    I was trying to gain the courage to post it, and then I had to figure out why. That's why I posted a one-shot first. To see how it worked. I even figured out how to put a poll on my profile. So I think I nailed how it works.
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