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Jan 21, 2010
Nov 22, 2009
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Scrible was last seen:
Jan 21, 2010
    1. Aieny
      hey there!
      if you're on let's trade ^^
    2. pokegamefreak
      a great trade! Thank your for the lunatune
    3. dannydstk
    4. raichu2626
      kk thanks, I'll let you know
    5. Aieny
      fine then ^^
      i'll send you a PM later when i get home ^^
    6. Aieny
      haha i'm greedy, what can i say...
      well, i'll be home in 4 hours or so... i can give it to you then ^^
      do you maybe have roost tm you can trade back?
    7. Aieny
      I have a masterball I can trade you ^^
      would you like to trade a Shaymin or a Darkrai for it?
    8. arceus321321
      haha no problem i got it off the gts with a latios and i never used it ever its just been sitting in my bag for the last year so at least you will actually use it (:
    9. arceus321321
      yeah lol never happened to me before xD
      okay im in wi-fi now n.n
    10. dannydstk
      well lol he saw that i had commented about it on ur page and that i said i was gonna send him a hate message and he got mad lol so he sent me a vm saying hed report me so i sent him a pm since he casnt report that lol but looks like hes banned anyway so it doesnt forreal matter 2 much and basically as far as anything good u could trade me it really is just like any evd i dont already have or a egg move poke i dont already have would be perfect

      and congrats on the darkrai :)
    11. arceus321321
      mine too, i was aboutbto say the samething, maby something happened at nintedo's HQ well wr can trade tomaro, i bet everything will be stable by then n.n
    12. arceus321321
      im sure coming into wi-fi right now
    13. arceus321321
      hey i have a soul dew, you can have it for free (: FC: 3653-0690-3311
    14. MARZISCOOL1026
      um if u need any tms i i have them all pm me if u want to know the story but yeah i have them so yeah
    15. cresseliana
      Don't worry hun
      I piety that poor soul

      No one can destory Cresselia' gracefulnes *humphf* lol

      I know but yeah maybe he's just tired of something and from what i see he's not wanted by many

      I hope get developes more healthily emotionally and intellectually
      i have a wide healthy ideiology range well i like to think so lol and it is like you said
      i won't traet him bad so i didn't answer him

      but to be honest i did hurt me just a little (I just called him dumb V.V) and i thoght hwas wasn't lisenting lol

      and thank you so much for telling me
      I am getting better at it i just so dont understand the EV thingy
      a few people have tried to expalin but AHH so confusing Xp

      sorry to leave in such a rush but sister is asking for the pc so i have to be off now lol

      but thank yo so much for your help again :D
    16. cresseliana
      Aww your such a nice person you make me feel mean T.T and they call me the saint lol
      but now that i know what a heck is then i would never trade anyone whatever that is
      i just hope i know how it looks like if i ever get one

      and I never use the iternet much besides downloading music and seeing videos so this is the first forum i signed up for *throws conffeetii*

      And i'm still a little unclear about this hack thing so i am going to agree with you
      so it never learns any moves and have differenet stats? But if it gets me the pokedex Data i think that would be fine with me as long as i didn't give my Cressy >.<
      I burly found out about this pokemon events so i imagine they are going to do anything to get there slimey fingers on them trading hacks and things but most people are nice trading other the "non hacks lol"

      And Thanks my day is burly starting out
      about to play my DS and breed more you like you said lol I'm just putting an everstone and then evolving the breed one

      I dind't really wanted to bother you lol Sometime i am just to lazy to do some things like look at videos gives me headahces you can just see them when you can are in the mood

      lol and yes i finally discovred this breeding thing i keep hearing this tricks but for now i am sticking with my ditto

      and i am glad you day was good i hope it turned out GREAT by the end ^.^
    17. dannydstk
      lol he vmd me and i sent him a nice message ill 4ward it to u if u want but its a tad graphic :)
    18. dannydstk
      and what happened with scarlet spedster mate? im about to leave him a hate messahe for being such a ***? do u need a darkrai cus i could clone u one for free since u lost urs
    19. dannydstk
      lol u should have said them some of those guys come from as early as my ruby version theyve just been continuosly traded over lol and really im just looking fr anything i dont have or even an evd pokemon i already have thats better or is ev trained different but rally ill take almost anything thats good
    20. SuperMango
      good trade! :)
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