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  • idk.. I don't really have a particular Pokemon that I use for the sole purpose of walling. Maybe that is a bad strategy, but it has been working fairly well.

    Clones are legitimate... but they ruin the integrity of the game. :/ Cloning and RNG'ing completely distorts the value of Pokemon. They are unfortunate flaws in the game.
    The no legendaries this was just for that one battle. I'm sure we'll fight again, using legendaries :p

    I picked them based on what kind of coverage they offer, role they fill on the team, and overall power. How much I liked them played a pretty big role in the selection process too - which is why I chose Kingdra and Dusknoir.
    Well, I built my original six (ha, sounds like the NHL) and used that for the battle against him.. but since, I've been adding to my collection of usable Pokemon.

    I love legendaries. We just agreed to not use them in our battle.
    The only rule we used was "no legendaries." Both Garchomp and Wobbafet were allowed, but neither of us used them.

    We put together teams of 6 ... I didn't know there were teams of 12? You should tell me more about that.
    Um, the story was pretty good in Emerald.. I enjoyed it quite a bit. But, I do think I liked Platinum the best out of all of them.

    And ya, it was a year of just developing my strategy and Pokemon. I mean, there were definitely breaks where I didn't play, but it has been about a year since I started building my team. :p
    Well, since I started Pearl I have purchased Emerald and have played my friend's Leaf Green. So, technically, I have played them - but just not until this past year.

    And no, I haven't been battling for a year, just preparing to battle. lol
    Well, we'll probably have to finish this later. I've been sent to go pick up dinner. Random question... is that actually you in your profile pic? (Sorry if I'm retarded and its a celebrity or something lol) I'll be home within an hour.
    I just started battling like a week ago. My friend and I started playing pokemon again at the end of last summer out of boredom (I hadn't played since Red/Blue/Yellow) and decided it would be fun to put together teams and fight each other. What started out as an innocent competition turned into a years worth of breeding, strategizing, and training (with a few gaps in there of not touching the DS, of course) :p

    But seriously, from when we started till now ... it's been about a year. lol
    So about a week ago, we battled for the first time and the internet kicked us off (while I was winning) .. so we battled again and he ended up winning that one. Then after a couple more battles he has with 2 wins and I have 1. The Wi-Fi has kicked us off more times than we've finished, though. :/

    That's probably more than you wanted to know. :p

    If you need any help deciding on moves, EVs, natures, or even which Pokemon to use, feel free to ask me. I may not have the best advice, but I can always offer an outsider's opinion.
    I suppose Scizor is alright. :p Although he was a 2nd gen evolution, when they could afford better animators probably!

    Purugly is awfully ugly though. lol It looked so promising with Glameow! Delcatty is cute. =] Actually I'd like one of those Skitty's... Need some good IV's though.. LF Breeder!

    I'm not a bit fan of Glaceon though..
    I know, but I felt like it would be nice of me to add something to the trade - however small it may have been.

    No, I don't need them back.

    Thanks for helping me! Do you ever battle over Wi-Fi?
    I don't have anything on this game that I can trade that is worth having, so I'll just give them rare berries to hold.
    Oh crap, I'll need the shards on my Platinum game, so you'll need to add my other FC. 2450 3735 7009

    What is yours again?
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