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  • lol, I don't think I knew that I needed them until after we traded. :p

    What would you like in return?
    Aha.. damned! :p I do like them pokemon but I've never done any competitive battling, so I guess I don't really know what's popular. ^^ Yeah... I don't really like Scizor though, they ruined Schyther! Just like they ruined Magmar, Electabuzz, Lickitung, Rhydon and Magneton. -_-' I've been wanting to train a good Persian too ! (I just like it!)

    And yeah Mew is so cute! <3

    I do actually have an Umbreon in my team. lol So yeah I like that one too! :p And Leafeon!
    yeah i have just barely got wifi and have only trade to get the feebas pokemon but i cant get those guys any other way.
    i am trading 4 a darkrai but the guy i am supposed 2 trade wit is hard 2 contact so yeah....
    arceus,mew,celebi,shaymin,jirachi,darkrai,deoxys an thats all. i am willin 2 trade almost any pokemon since i pretty much have all the others
    I have plenty of pokemon to replace Butterfree with. ^^ I've got enough to change combinations and set ups so I'd manage. hehe. I do like Heracross and Scyther a lot though! And Venomoth. ^^ I do always use pokemon I like though...

    And my fave Eeveelution... Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporen. =)
    hehe yeah I love the Eevolutions too! =) And I seem to have a looong few days of growing berries ahead of me then. lol

    And yeah Butterfree is kinda hard to make any use of. lol But I'm trying anyways. =)
    Hehe yeah they probably have. ^^

    Ah I'll try that fertilizer then! :p someone said it takes 32 hours to grow those EV reducing berries and you have to water them every 8 hours. :S

    I like to use pokemon people consider weak. ^^ Most of the time anyways. Never use legendaries or anything like that.. So.. I prefer to use uncommon pokes. Some of those I use atm are Marowak, Lanturn, Butterfree, Venomoth, Rapidash, Dewgong, Umbreon, Leafeon, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Crobat, Mightyena, Pidgeot and Ditto. :D
    Hehe seems you've been subjected to some prejudice stuff regarding religions! ;)

    And yeah, now I've just got to plant the berries and grow more..! lol like... 25 of each! *sigh* I'd like to remove all my pokemon's EV's since I don't actually know their IV's! And after that I'm going to remove the useless EV's they've gathered over the leveling time and then train them up in EV's they need. :D

    How far have you come? What team are you training? ^^
    I think it's Ev'd, i got it off the GTS so i dont actually know. Yeah, thats fine if the oddish is touched.

    Sorry I couldn't get on the GTS, I'll be available to trade tomorrow
    Would it be possible to trade my Lv. 100 shiny Shaymin for oddish instead? i really need a shiny oddish.

    My fc is 5370-3668-2650 and name is Mick
    I'm in the same position as you. :p Just about to finish off my team with their final moves and now.. going to do a little work on EV's since they've gained the wrong ones during leveling up. lol I will eventually though! :p

    So... you've helped me a great deal with my goal! ^^ Thank you very much again!!
    Oh lol it might be me as well I dont know... although I have turned off all possible firewalls everywhere including the router itself. lol Was a whole lot of work to figure out of how it all worked. :p Do you ever battle people?
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