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  • It's been an emotionally trying week, but I'm still here. ^_^ Mainly binge-watching Arrested Development and marveling the plot structure and stuff. Haven't written anything in a while though.
    Went through a mental reflection of sorts, and now I'm back. Again. >_>

    I'm starting to think that the problem is the medium. Maaaaaybe an RP isn't the right direction for Opposing Forces. Just a flyaway thought. And that's beside barely anyone posting. Ideally, one of the best times to RP is the summer, and apart from that there isn't really a big scene in RPing apart from a couple of dedicated ones that have been running for a year.
    ... I apologize for not showing up during the break. I had cousins over for the holidays and I haven't seen them in a long time. I let myself go again. =_=
    The winter break is just around a week away, so I should have some time available for then. ;/ Not exams, but exam prep. xP
    Can you edit Bea's sign-up for me?

    -First, her spoiler tag needs to say "Labelle" instead of Éclat. The latter is an actual surname, you see. ^_^;
    -After "in the sense that she'd constantly put them first without thinking about her own well-being". can you add the following?

    Although she doesn't realize it, Bea enjoys taking care of people to a somewhat obsessive degree. If it meant that a sick friend would stay just a little longer, Bea would gladly fake a temperature reading or even sneeze in their soup.

    It'd be pretty funny if said sick friend had an obsession with being cared for. Both parties doing their best to make sure the other doesn't leave. xDD
    Hi, I'm really sorry I've not responded in the Lyoko RP thread lately, uni dumped a load of work on me all at once. I figured I'd just give an explaination rather than just show up and act like nothing happened. I'll have a post tomorrow though now my work's all done with.
    Yo double S, how's it going? I've giving Aim lots and lots of thought lately trying to put together in my head exactly what he is. I think I finally got something I think would work nicely; if you like to know. I'm finding this really quite exciting and I hope to see where this will go. CC is especially excited; so let's hope the cult group meeting begin soon!
    He's already been in Lyoko for year, hence his now permanent blindness, so he already knows what he can do. As for limits, maybe he hasn't learned because he wasn't forced too yet. But, yeah, he's a fun character
    I really didn't put that much thought into it yet. I would think XANA would put a lot energy into trying to eleminating Reaper once he starts to join the garage kids. His scythe can completely reset zones after all. I think he'll be angry at first at Gabrielle as she risked not one, but three more people on the same process that locked him into a year long torture. He'll rejoin once he starts to remember who she is, though still attacking the coding around him at vorcious random
    Actually, getting him back is possible, and would be helpful. It would give Gabrielle a break, and not only that, but let her go to Lyoko. It would be tough I assume. I was thinking he wouldn't become a major opponent till after the Garage Kids learn how to move in the world, and get better with their skills. The Curb Stomp arrogance reducer, if you would. Tough, what are your thoughts on bringing Reaper back?
    Heya, sorry for the late message. I was taking care of some stuff recently. But, my reaper will be back soon for the RP, I can't wait for it to start again! Would he still be allowed, as well as that little sub plot?
    All right I get Aim sign-up in and I'll have my second character complete just encase we need another one.
    Sorry for the late reply, I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues as of late. But they'll be over soon enough so I can squeeze in this reply~. ^_^ Anyway, at this point I'd call for a full restart with a new thread and everything. I'm going to entertain the possibility that the other RPers simply weren't as serious about Code Lyoko. In that case, I'd restart sign-ups and just look for more people who are interested.
    Dunno'. I honestly feel we might need to call a restart pretty soon; the thread's past the legal bumping point...
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