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  • Oi, sorry about that things got really busy suddenly and I couldn't get on serebii or work on my character... I'll get that done soon if you still want me to.
    I'm still on my trip actually, but it's amazingly fun so far. Interesting, but I was just planning to drop him into the sea. Sowing off D-Reaper's powers, but I see where your idea is coming from. Sounds good, but again, sorry I have to wait till I get home to update. I was just planning to have D-Reaper observer, and cause a few Hornets to be unable to fight and fly.
    Every now and then, I turn on the third-rate comedy. X3

    We should totally wait for everyone else, don't want them to get lost or anything. :<
    Heya Scorpio. Sorry I can't post yet, I want to use my laptop for it. But, on that note for the RP, could D-Reaper take out DVB's character, seeing as he isn't a part of the RP Anymore?
    Gotta' take take care of some stuff in a game I'm co-GMing (theoretically my GM has no idea about the recent challenge), and also have to get my own compu-

    You know what, screw everything. Working on that post right now. >:)
    And what zone are we in, by the way? Trying to search through the posts to figure it out, but it looks like I'm reading impaired today. ^_^;
    Yes I am, I'm just trying to figure out what my character lyoko form should be be. I made a comic relief, not very serious character. So I'm leaning toward a magician or clown... but then what skill should I put with that?
    At the moment, in CL: OP, he's being more sneaky, observing the Garage Kids to understand their codes. Once he has an idea of what does what on them, he'll start reaping
    Makes sense. The character I was going to make is usually a first responder to the robberies, so I was expecting to run into RPers a fair chunk. Hence I asked.
    Heya Scorpio. I'll like a reserve for your next RP, but first, if I play as a SWAT member against the NewMyths, would that mean I would be against the players?
    I wanna continue, but I feel like we need a freshs tart or something because everything feels confusing
    Hmm, maybe after this first mission is done you can do a 'return to the past' bit like in the earlier episodes to which we can all be in class and da da da, you know the rest.
    If not, we can wait until this mission is over, or we can assume that Gabrielle (the brain that she is) needs to call for backup somehow with the same directory that Nancy just pulled out. I don't know XD I can't really think of anything. Whatever you do is fine with me, it doesn't have to be the scenarios I put here.
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