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  • Apologies I haven't gotten anything down yet, currently CO-GMing a game that's taking up most of my time. Don't drop OF just yet, alright?
    Hey! Just letting you know now, I'm going to try and post tomorrow on the RP. Sorry it's been so long, but I'm going to try and get back into it : )
    As much as I love this RP, I'm sorry to say I won't be able to play more than just D-Reaper. I have a lot of work and vacations lined up for the majority of the summer, and I rather focus on getting the one character fully developed and born.
    Thank you so much for allowing me to come back before responding. I was trying to recover from lack of sleep lol anyway, as for the rp...it is with great hesitation and care that I say that I believe that the rp is dead...But! If you wanted to, you could create another one with the same premise. I think what went wrong was that no one really knew what to do in the beginning. This could get a boost of new people who may want to participate. Or if you felt as if you really wanted to, you could make your own fanfic with it. I think either are great ideas since the story itself has a good concept. I will be happy to help in anyway I can! Hope to hear from ya soon!
    I say if you cannot get the RPG to work out you should do a fanfic, I would like to read it. But if you want to work for the RPG I'll be willing to make a second character for any position you need.
    I'd prefer if I domineer over Bea for a bit to establish her Lyoko persona. From my perspective, she thinks Lyoko is an elaborately made MMO, so naturally she'd... act accordingly. So I'm opposed to the fanfic idea as of now. Waaaait, who decided to stay back and watch over the real world?
    I'm in a lot of RPs at the moment, so I can't make a second character, even though I adore this RP. It's a really cool idea, and you paced it well. I guess people just lost interest, or school started to take its toll. If you want, you can control the whole cast of Garage Kids, but that would be a lot of plot start lines for one RPer. Making it into a fan fiction would keep it alive more reliably I feel.
    really sorry about that XD
    um, for me, my reason for not posting is that im not on this site that often anymore. But when i do log on ill try to post if i can XD
    Well, for someone like me who's still in high school, the end of the school year tends to get more busy, so yes, two weeks would be appreciated. I'm still RPing though, I just have stuff I've been holding off for longer, so naturally they should take first priority.
    For me it's the posting schedule that deters me. In my opinion, if we r already having so much trouble with others posting, then we don't really even need a posting sequence or cycle.
    I'm willing to keep going my problem with posting is a lack of other people posting. I find it hard to have Aim reply and observe people that I'm not sure if they're there or not. But nevertheless I've posted again.
    Aye Captain I'm still for the role though he's not going to make contact until he is sure that they aren't the enemy. I will get in a post soon.
    Alright, super pardons for not posting earlier. x.x Managed to finally post it, had Bea sorta' react to Gabrielle's offer, and now she's running because she forgot a scooter, bike etc. X) Now if you'll excuse me, I've got another RPG to bring back form the dumps.
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