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  • Good point. Mine can, but he's evil at the moment, and rather enter REAPER. Maybe the operator gives one of the members the ability to enter LYOKO?
    Okay then. The only thing I don't have worked out is why the operator would recruit others after what happened to Halt, btu then again, she's your character, so its you fun
    Also, in terms of D-Reaper, he is a data reaper, and the D-Reaper was part of Digimon at one point, Tamers I believe. It's just a cool name :p
    Alright, I'll explain a bit more. Both my character and his friend worked on the super computer together, so in a sense, they were the founding members. the best friend is the operator, and she only knows how far down he went because of the daily message. They both know the codes, but my character was the one who tested it, and wound up stuck without a code to leave. He's still stuck, and from this, degradded. You can be the operator if you want. She doesn't really want to reveal what happened to her friend, in case it scares the others away, but at the same time, she wants to save him. A bit of internal conflict.
    I'm working on Aileta's counterpart now, and almost done. So if my character's male, would his friend, the one who works on the other side of the supercomputer as operator, would be female right? Would you mind that at all?
    So for the others, PM away for the questions about whether you want to be one of the original three (or four), a XANA pawn (or want to become on somewhere in the story) or you want to be a later addition to the Garage kids.
    I'd prefer if Bea was part of the original team, since if she started off as a XANA pawn I feel she'd make a very easy first boss of the sorts. X) Though I don't mind if she gets possessed by XANA at some point.
    So, will this be taking place in France along with the scool with the kids right?
    Okay then, thanks. I was planning on being a male character trapped in Lyoko, but the long time of being there degraded his sanity and his powers, turning him into a data version of the grim reaper. I.E. he reaps code and data from things in Lyoko, and can completely eliminate a zone with the REAPER code inside a tower. Obvisouly he'll turn around, but I was planning to have him start as a fallen angel of sorts, being obsessed with his version of 'good'
    What I mean is that Jeremy's and Aileta's counterparts are stuck in one world each like Jeremy and Aileta. Because if that is true, mind if I make a make Aileta counterpart stuck in Lyoko?
    Since I don't want to write on the thread. Can I ask you a follow-up question?

    Is it possible that my pokemon tracked me down and swam over? I've been putting some thoughts too, and I think I'm going to be a rookie trainer in this RP. So I'm currently thinking of having two rookie pokemon that are quite weak: A Chinochou and a Cottonee. Chinochou finds the character first, and Cottonee later on. Do you think it will fit the 'survival' theme? Is this too imbalanced?

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