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  • Hey can you tell me the friend codes for all of your friend safaris my friend code is 0834-2333-4008 can you tell me your friend code and can you ask your friends to add me
    I was feeling the same way, was getting frustrated. I'd say in total something like ten hours of cummulative searching before one finally appeared.
    I pen and paper all my SRs. I used a calculator for my first SR (Totodile), but that killed my battery, so I stayed with pen and paper. Plus I always got a little overboard with hit buttons (including my calculator buttons), so it was a little inaccurate... whereas with pen and paper, you just add another tally mark each reset. Sooo much easier. :)
    true. still, I was just trying to see if we could get a bit more participation going. Also, there are cases like that one person who WAS looking for an appropriate target, but ran into Gligar instead. Having things so broad allowed it to count, and if it were me I'd have been super happy that my work had not been wasted in a sense.
    (it sucks when you get a shiny you're not looking for, believe me. 6 male bulbasaurs... )

    Anyways, next month will be a lot more restrictive in terms of requirements. So it will suit you better =)
    my original post wasn't directed at you, it was directed at everyone who was questioning it (mainly you and Dylz). My following posts were replies to your posts. I'm not singling you out, I'm just replying to you

    though, I will admit, most of the examples in my first post were from you. I didn't realize it at the time, as I read several pages just before posting, but it turns out that you were the more vocal one on the subject.
    ultimately though, I was trying to answer the questions that I'm sure more than one person was thinking, I wasn't trying to single you out.
    The main thing with pokeradar is I felt it wasn't equal because there is some amount of skill involved. Some people just can't get to the 1/200 chance, while others can easily.
    Yes, there's still a random component to it, just like any other shiny hunting method. However, because there is SOME skill involved that can bring the odds down so significantly, I chose to not include it as a method for these types of hunts.
    This is not to say that there will never be a time where pokeradar is included in the CHs. I do plan to have a pokeradar hunt at some point among the choices for the CH.

    No matter what I do, some people won't be happy with the CH. This time was very broad, some hate it, others like it. Next time will likely be far more restricted, and the people who didn't like this hunt will be happier next time.

    Yes, I am taking this as a personal attack, because I am having a really horrible day. I shouldn't, but I can't help it. It's one more thing on the pile of crap going wrong. So sorry if I'm snippy with you. I'm trying to mix up the hunts so that everyone gets something they enjoy at some point, rather than catering to a specific few.
    Hi there~!

    Thanks for the message ... and for the congratulations! I had quite a bit of luck in a short amount of time with my last four shinies. It was extremely weird. I guess that it just shows that you can never guess when another one will appear. I've been hunting since, but nothing has shone ... and I''m hoping to get my shiny Pawniard before BW2 arrives.

    Good luck for when you're hunting! Seeya.
    THANKS! and its just luck man! I usually spend a couple hours a day hunting, maybe less if I'm busy or just not motivated. I think double grass helps a lot but I've still had hunts go over 10k in double grass so yea its just luck and usually if I'm RE hunting I rarely turn off my DS and just leave it on most of the time... so yea it just luck and the fact that I'm way too stubborn to give up on a hunt lol. Just try not to focus too much on hunting while you're doing it, watching tv or youtube videos, reading, etc really helps while I'm hunting. I don't think I could shiny hunt if I put on all my focus onto the DS for such time. Hopefully this helps and thanks again for the gratz!
    Hey, congrats on your 20 magmars and your ralts, how are you so great at chaining ive had limited success, at a chain of 4 i walk into a regular patch and get a 1/8192 roselia, need help..
    Well, then the maril should be fine. :) I got some of the ones I asked you for today. I can offer Totodile, Tochic, Mudkip. I don't deal with hacked pokemon. all of my shinies are legit. As I assume yours are :) If you do want to trade any of the others I asked for, I would definitely offer more. All mine are UT and legit.
    Beautifly, Sneasel, Spinark, Nidoran (Male hopefully), Pidgey, Likitung, Maril, Electrike, and I think I saw some evolution of numel. Maybe its just me. :D Hope fully you're interested (Sorry for the random messages in advance)
    Hey, there man, :) I was browsing the forum and noticed you're a pretty good shiny hunter :) awesome job. I was interested in a few of your shinies and I hope you're willing to trade. Im really interested :p Ill message you again with the list
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