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Last Activity:
Jul 1, 2012
Jan 20, 2012
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wouldn't you like to know o.0
w/e i feel like

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Well-Known Member, from wouldn't you like to know o.0

~*Scyther*~ was last seen:
Jul 1, 2012
    1. DragonA7X
      I am doing well.
      I made an avenged sevenfold forum
    2. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Sent this to Alexandria:
      Okay, me and Sycther probably are not going to be able to do our match for the word tourney. Who auto-wins?
      Scyther was ready a day after we were assigned our words. I was ready with my team on Sunday.
      I've been able to play every day for a few hours since Sunday, IDK about Scyther.
      Scyther told me on Monday night that PO can't work for him. I can play all day today, but he can't, and the deadline is tomorrow. Who wins?
    3. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      And all today I can go on...
    4. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Uh- oh... That means I auto lose, doesn't it? Darnit!
    5. DragonA7X
      Hey! Long time, no talk how are you?
    6. Metroid
      please,join us you will be in the war team 100%
    7. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Ok, when do you want to go on for the word tourney? My team is ready.
    8. sizida
      ok. that means you don't want to have my celebi am i right?
    9. ~*Scyther*~
      Hey everyone. I am back but I will not be able to be nearly as active as before so it is with great regret that I must close my trade sho pand cancel any and all trades that were worked out/being planned :( I am dearly sorry for this inconvience. Given time I will make trades and accept offers but I will not have a shop. Sorry to everyone that this effects
    10. rosierjay
      hope everything is going better. let me know when you get on again. Good Luck!
    11. vincent0678
      hey man im willing to trade for your ditto japaese flawless shiny just pm me back when you can
    12. ~*Scyther*~
      Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been on in a while and I have bad news. My wifi is down and I can rarely use the internet and I cannot trade :( I cannot reply to all of my messages, I can't even access my PM box because of the internet, so I can't reply to your messages. I am deeply sorry to everyone that this partains to and hope to get the problem fixed ASAP.
    13. Lt Steel
      Lt Steel
      Don't forget.
    14. millarc3005
      Your request at my art shop has been made!
    15. henryshen11
      hey you want to trade now? my flawless ralts for your flawless larvitar
    16. sanae
      It's from the 90's, so almost all songs were weird xD
    17. sanae
      My song isn't that disturbing ;-;
    18. bidoofdude
      i can do the trade. btw, how do you do 3 for one trades? Also, does the drapion have to be female. it could be male or female.
    19. MugoUrth
      anything but regigigas :( I want charmander to win. What do you have against absol BTW?
      Mostly because everyone thinks Absol is awesome and how stealthy and powerful it looks. Me, I personally don't think it looks stealthy. I think frail is a better word to describe its appearance. But my main problem is that it just looks, well, boring. Absol doesn't have much of a personality, and the personality it DOES have, dark anti-hero type personality, is probably my LEAST favorite type of personality. For me, a design is about how the personality fits the mold, and Absol is pretty generic if you ask me.
    20. PrismaticPrincessAnna
      okay! The rest tomoz :)
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    wouldn't you like to know o.0
    w/e i feel like
    Favourite Pokémon:
    a member of the human race. that is all i am authorized to tell you for now...

    shinies, guitar and fishing


    ~credit to Millarc3005(left) and Sweet May(right)​