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Last Activity:
Mar 4, 2016
Aug 6, 2007
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Exercise Physiologist/Healthcare Administrator

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Its whats for dinner, from Ohio

ScytheSwipe was last seen:
Mar 4, 2016
    1. Littlemyuu
      It did snow last night here, but it was gone already when i woke up :P
      just wish the snow stayed so i can trow snowballs to myself XD
    2. Littlemyuu
      I still need to do the X-mas shopping~ so it will be a busy week for me :D
      Hmmm, besides the X-mas time its going OK here, feel a bit crappy, Stupid weather goes into random rain-hail-snow loop what makes me all crazy :P. hope you have a nice holiday and that everything goes well ^^ Talk to you soon :3
    3. Littlemyuu
      haha, I played the MD games too..it was cool but not my top favorite,
      think the reason i like the new game is because its about the acient war from Japan
      ( i used to play Samurai warriors and the emperors are the same in the Pokemon version)
      still its tactics but thats also a kind of game style i love, I know people who dont like tactics but they give it a try just because its Pokemon :P

      how are you these days? :3 im doing ok ^^
    4. Farfan
      Yes it is, I like Coldplay!
    5. Akko
      Awesome, glad to hear it. :D Alright, I'll make sure to ask when I see you next!
    6. Akko
      lol everything's good thanks! I'm just tired though... -_- Haha how about you?
    7. Littlemyuu
      good to hear ^^ glad your doing fine :3
      saw the new Pokemon game? what do you think about it?
      i think it looks pretty awesome
    8. Pomegranate
      Haha yeah, Notre Dame is pretty much the leading Catholic University in the country afaik. :x
    9. Pomegranate
      I go to Notre Dame, not sure if they're related or not. :P
    10. WaterShuriken
      Oh thank you!
    11. Akko
      Haha sorry, that was all I could come up with at the moment. Oh yeah! I've seen that before, now that you mention it. Sure, I'll see you around. Later :)
    12. Akko
      Well there's a manga called Girl Friends and one of the main character's name is Akko. That's what I based my user name from... lol does that help?
    13. KittyKitty3308
      Haha. I would attempt to chain Pachirisu again over break, but I left my Diamond and Platinum games at school. The only one I brought with me was White. Oops. LoL So I will just stick with MMing for now. I kind of want to hurry up and get my Sneasel so that I can MM an Emolga. My shiny Pachirisu took out my whole friend's dragon team one time (well almost all. About 5/6 of her poke) and now she despises my cute little pink squirrel. So I decided I wanted to add to her hatred with a cute little brown flying squirrel that can do just as much damage. ;)
    14. KittyKitty3308
      Haha. He already is a dad. (Not by me though). He is fine with kids, just not with me I guess. :p It's 10:19pm here. What were you chaining for? Stupid Bidoofs. LoL
    15. KittyKitty3308
      Haha. Yeah. I attempted one day to chain a Pachirisu. I swear I got like 27 or 30ish and then got a flipping Bidoof. I already hated that pokemon, but then seeing that break my chain made me want rip it's ugly head off!!!

      PS- Right now he needs to vacuum. His carpet is dirty ;) And he wont even teach me how to chain because he doesnt have any patience with trying to tell others how to do something. LoL
    16. KittyKitty3308
      I normally am watching TV or doing something on the PC when I hatch/collect eggs. I haven't really done anything since summer since I am a junior in college and college>shiny hunting. I dont just sit and stare at my DS while riding back and forth. However, with chaining, you have to pay attention. LoL. I haven't ever chained a shiny before, but my fiance chained me my shiny Pachirisu and I was the happiest girl in the world that day. She is still my favorite. I hope to make a shiny Pachirisu team one day. :)
    17. Hox
      What can I say a good post is a good post

      Whad up
    18. autumnmew
      do you want any of the ones i offered
    19. Littlemyuu
      Heya ^w^
    20. autumnmew
      offering all these and can u clone?
      japanese shiny hydreigon and golurk event ,movie11
      movie11 reshiram and zekrom
      far away island mew
      aura mew(pkrs)
      hayley mew
      tru reggigas
      world08 lucario
      pokemon center snivy
      gamestp deoxys
      enigmas stone latios and latias
      world09 weavile
      satoshi scraggy
      gamestp raikou and entei
      win2011 suicune
      event11 zoroark
      tru shaymin
      smr2010 jirachi
      pokesmash zoroark and mewtwo
      spr2010 pichu
      vgc10 shiny evee
      vgc09 shiny milotic
      mystery egg pidove and pansage
      world11 scrafty
      world10 crobat
      alamos darkrai
      movie11 (jap) victini
      oblivia deoxys
      dw mamoswine
      dw piplup and chimchar
      e4all manaphy
      movie07 darkrai(jap)
      ana fly pikachu
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    Exercise Physiologist/Healthcare Administrator
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm the man on the silver mountain.

    Car enthusiast, MTG player, runner, ALL THE POKEMON THINGS!!!