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  • Yeah I am.The whole episode was so enjoyable! And the last hot air balloon Rocketshipping scene is the most memorable.
    I don't watch XY either...but I have heard the episode XY 63 had lots of Rocketshipping. :)
    I guess you are right....
    Pokemon isn't really popular here.The anime aired in the year 2014 in the month of May.But the first episode of Pokemon I watched was Holy Matrimony. Now I think you can guess why Rocketshipping is my favorite! :)
    I am glad that you are a rocketshipper too!And yes,You are right!They are made for eachother. :)
    But sadly,The rocketshipping thread is so inactive :(
    Well to be fair, Europe was most explored continent during history with roots of civilization, culture, technology innovations starting here. In comparison America didn't started to be massively populated and thoroughly explored until few centuries ago(around 300 to 400 years) when migration from mostly Europe started. So in hindsight nations which were founded in both south and North America didn't had enough time and space to build such culture, history, monumental architecture etc.

    Although Native Americans despite not being technologically equipped did had their own language, culture and way of living until immigrants, explorers from "old world" started to conquer destroying or oppressing what they nurtured and practiced.
    I see, when I find time i might give it a shot. XD

    Oh Newfoundland? Wow, so cool. That island looks like it came from some magical land with its beautiful scenery, interesting design of houses and magnificent canyons. Although I heard climate is pretty cold even in Summer days, but I guess you get used to it with time.
    Oh Porco Roso? To be honest I never heard of that movie, had to google it up. Shameful me(i know), but after doing so I learned how story took place in Croatia hehe.

    Your from USA if im not mistaken?
    Glad to hear hehe. Most people in my country are kind and helpful, liking to take things easy and enjoy in life. Although sometime work can suffer because of such mentality due to more relaxed way of living,all around we are trusty and reliable people. Well most i encountered were lol.
    I like them; its like the only thing I watch for now tbh. I dunno if the shipping will go anywhere but if it gives Serena screentime then I'm all for it.
    My favorite series is DP, where Dawn was the actual main character and Paul was being an awesome jerk rival.
    So far I rate it dead last along with BW season 2. I thought BW1 was decent enough though and it could have been very good if those 2 TR vs TP episodes weren't banned.
    I liked Misty in Johto too. She was still fiery, strongwilled, romantic and full of quirks. But we aso saw Misty growing in more competent, independent and mature girl discovering her own strength as person helping her to get out of sister shadow. Realizing where she stands as pokemon traner and why she wants to become water master. Became more compassionate and caring for her friends with her personality reflecting that. Rather resorting to sarcasm, teasing and puling pranks(like about Ash appetite or Brock hormones), being more supportive and admiring of her friends comforting Ash over his loses or trying to help Brock to win over girl like she did with Temaku. And while they could sometime get on her nerves making her mad yelling and being annoyed shaking head in frustration, she wasnt hostile toward them anymore knowing how theyre before everything friends. She even told to her friend Sakura hgow she consider Brock and Ash to be her family(revealing deep care for them coming long ways since early Kanto where intolerance was high).

    I also liked that competitive flare burning within her whenever she was up against Ash or other pokemon trainers wanting to show whole world how cool water pokemon really are.

    Misty definitely could used more focus and there were several episodes in middle of Johto hurting not just her bit everyone in not helping advance characters wasting potential, but in all honesty she accomplished, battled and developed more than she did in Kanto. Yet people ignore that lulling themselves in false belief of Misty being "background tree" there.

    I guess its true what they say. When lie is told often enough, people will start accepting it as fact.
    Watched those battles and they made my day. I cant believe how efficient Luvisc can be with right combination. Man that surf was devastating managing to take down two pokemon at once.
    Last battle with guy spamming protect must had been annoying, hiding like coward behind that barrier, haha. But still he was no match for you. ;)

    p.s.In other news Misty as usual is being downplayed. With bunch of people in strongest travel companion thread spreading false info of Misty doing "nothing" in Johto, That same region where she batled,showed notable maturity, entered most competitions and improved as trainer the most.

    No matter how many examples you list and what you say, people discard it continuing to repeat exact same claims over and over again like broken record.

    And claims circulating around here of Misty being replaced after Johto because of apparently being "heavily unpopular" among Japan pokemon fans is questionable to say the least.
    Oh no i didn't asked that question about Luvdisc because of not including it in your team.

    I was just surprised by lot of negative criticism i read on forums regarding that pokemon with some going as far to label it as "worst pokemon ever". Especially when in pokemon anime Luvdisc proved to be tough opponent to beat if well trained scoring some great wins.

    Im happy with team you used. Golduck, Politoad, eadra, Starmie etc?
    That was amazing selection out of Misty pokemon arsenal and that waterfall from Gyarados, Seaking horn drill, Seadra scald/substitiute etc tactic was very smart and effective giving opponents lot of trouble. Not to mention your Politoad must had been at very high level to withstand thunder not knocking it immediately hehe.

    Anyway thanks for such detailed and descriptive post about Luvdisc. I guess it really does function best when teamed up with others helping to increase strength of its attacks and make good use of speed. In solo battles its abit harder i imagine though.

    If Misty ever returns again i wish we get to see some new pokemon in her team and possibly get info of her dreams of becoming water master going somewhere, instead of rotting at that gym helping lazy sisters with no solo adventures and new horizons being made. Anything less would be distrespectful toward character, storyline and her development. Most of all her very big and loyal fandom.

    And im curious to see how she would react after seeing Ash after such a long time. Showing some emotion and meaning made from writer side in encounter of old, who appeared to be very close friends. While reviving on their sarcasm, fiery spark, admiration and humor they shared.
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