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  • Thank you, im glad to know im not the only one seeing extreme bias and double standards existing in that guy thoughts. He clearly dislike Misty because in 90% of his posts in many threads Misty is ridiculed and belittled and when you confute his arghuments with cold, firm facts showing through numerous examples how Misty did things, how she had achievements, actual character development and impact. He tries to quickly change subject of discussion or raise bar asking for even more examples resorting everything to "small and rare isolated situatuions"(basically more than 60 % of OS where Misty played notable role is by his standards irrelevant) revealing poor debating skills.

    Those battles were joy to watch. To think you would be able to defeat all those opponents and all kind of legendaries with Misty pokemon team is amazing. Because Golduck, Azumarill or Seaking are all pokemon from same evolutioin specie she has and for all we know could evolved by now.

    Misty would be proud showing how great water types can be.

    p.s. I was wandering when it comes to pokemon games. Can Luvdisc be useful competitively? Because everyone say its joke and bad pokemon.
    Which is shame because in anime it didnt seemed that way when Juan Luvdisc defeated Ash Growyle and when Misty/Daisy Luvdisc swept floor with Sableye and Mightiena from Butch and Cassidy.
    If not that than at very least arc of 15 to 20 episodes should be dedicated to Misty and Brock as they meet up with Ash after all this time, give insight of how much their lives changed to younger and older fans paying respect to pokemon origins and seeing them together try to stop new danger happening in pokemon world and fruits of their own labour bringing them closer toward achieving their own dreams. Especially Misty who has lot of untapped potential to do so much more about her water master career and desire to reach E4 level of strength and reputation. Having all ingredients required to do creative, diverse and plausible story from it.

    Many fans would appreciate this move wanting to see Ash, Misty and Brock reunited as team for one last tine playing relevance in pokemon universe again.
    Upcoming 2017 will mark 20 years of pokemon anime existence. If OLM and pokemon company dont do anything special and much more meaningful than what 10 th anniversary special was. Paying attention to pokemon roots, history, super popular past important characters bringing them in new improved roles and receiving follow up.

    Than all hope is lost and im goling to lose any respect left in me for pokemon writers, producers and directors. Because doing anything opposite would be downright disrespectful, arrogant and lofty from their side failing to realize potential, marketing vakue and positive hype serving as springboard toward bigger popularity attracting back millions of older fans back such move can achieve(as other long running franchise do).

    I also believe Misty should return to main cast reuniting original trio like Digimon, Yugioh, Dragonball are doing, serving as fresh twist and original outlook on storyline. Following more experienced, stronger, with already formed background character going on deeper, more concrete character develipment. As they face new dangers, explore on relationship restoring lost bonds they had as friends due to separation and being involved in brand new unpredictable adventure as they work toward reaching ultimate destination.

    Insted of monotone and overused formula we followed for more than 15 years of greenhorns joining Ash and leaving after few years never receiving sequel and chance to be explored on more substantial level that way.
    What writers dont seem to realize is how by paying more attention to continuity and returning mega popular rivals and ex main characters from pas. Bringing new variety and breeze of fresh air to monotone and predictable atmosphere, increase connection to pokemon history making it seem like its on going stoty which builds on itself, bring more humor, energy and drama with their rich personalities and unique dreams. Along with bringing more depth and authenticy to Ash journey and series plot thanks to strong bonds and impact they left on him and pokemon journey would help increase pokemon populkarity and credubillity. Much, much more than thid repetitive never ending cycle and same overused ideas can clearly not working in keeping older fans interested and losing battle in today market of attracting new fans to pick pokemon out of all available shows out there.

    I guess that makes sense regarding Misty popularity among Japan fans, but still it seems like over the past few years support for this character significantly dropped even on English sites which just shows how many older fans abandond such places).
    True, i also dont think aging is necessary(not like writers ever had plans for it to happen). But what i know is that reunion of original trio traveling together again after all this time as more experienced and mature showing how much separation affected their friendship delivering follow ups to their lives would attract many people outside target audience back to this show. If especially vocal demand for Ash, Misty, Brock reunion online is something to go by.

    I know, i still have hard time believing how from looks of it May will get nothing. No recognition and respect being perfect candidate to promote ORAS remakes, much more popular and iconic than any new character writers come up with(like Shota, new treecko boy). But than again, this shouldnt surprise much, when arguably more popular character in west Misty didnt got anything for more than 10 freaking years(ever since 2005 as far as main anime goes, and 2006 as far as any specials like 10th anniversary project are something to go by). Like her strong friendship with Ash, unsolved feelings, dreams of becoming water master and recognized water expert, her own past and disappointment at gym expressing desire to be something more, all that value and contribution for pokemon story meant nothing being ignored to the point. That generations of younger fans know nothing about her and like she was never important to begin with.
    I know; Digimon, Dragon Ball, Yugioh etc.

    All those franchise are going back to their roots paying attention to original themes and characters which were meriturous for their success in first place. Making me wish if pokemon would do same bringing back its older characters updated, refereshed and stronger than ever before going on brand new adventure.

    It would be especially amazing to see Ash, Misty and Brock going on one more mission together seeing each other after such a long time, retell about their solo adventures, take friendship to deeper level and show them doing more demanding tasks in becoming pokemon master, doctor and water pokemon master(possibly E4)in Misty case(becoming first E4 female using solely water).

    However unlike this shows fact that writers not just ignore but disrespect pokemon anime continuity, past and important events/characters which influenced journey, Ash and world itself doesnt give much comfort. Fact that Misty hasnt got one single in person return for over 10 years leaving her abandoned with unfinished story, unclear future with no update like she never mattered(even when shes relevant in games like HGSS or especially World Tournament). May not even for ORAS remakes getting anything despite being 3rd gen protagonist in games.

    Rewriting what canon eastablished in past like only one Mewtwo existing changing that with 16th movie or retconning Ash childhood to fit Serena in, resetting Ash maturity for BW etc. Say alot about how careless and arogant those who produce pokemon are.

    Theres also disturbing thing that while Ash and Brock are heavily liked in Japan, so is Rocket trio. Misty is unpopular based on what i heard from several sources who speak Japanese and visit japan poke sites over there,.

    Misty may be mega popular in USA, Europe etc(west), but that doesnt mean much if native viewers dont care and appreciate her character much at all(in Japan from what i heard top popular girls are Dawn and Serena).
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