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Last Activity:
Jul 31, 2016
Jun 30, 2013
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June 13

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PokeGyms Owner

Seanferno was last seen:
Jul 31, 2016
    1. ysmr97
      Hey. Cloud Nine's art is almost done. Should be all ready for posting Monday or Tuesday! I'll VM you and your brother telling you when to join! I have to reserve a few posts first, so I'll tell you when it's all ready!
    2. ysmr97
      Hey PM me back dude! I wanna talk about the Guild :)
    3. ysmr97
      Answer my PM :)
    4. _Sylveon_
      Yeah sure! What do you want me to do?
    5. Ragin Riolu
      Ragin Riolu
      Cause I'm making my own.
    6. Minedreigon
      Thanks! That Keldeo set sounds great. I'll go for it!
    7. Minedreigon
      Hey, could you rate my water team please? It's called a stormy water team
    8. PKMNinja
      ok man....
    9. PKMNinja
      hey i was just wondering, why did you get banned?
    10. Shadow Darkrai 101
      Shadow Darkrai 101
      hey seanferno dont forget to update the gym roster as well as the challenger roster too. Also can I challenge your gym? I'll be in the league chat room.
    11. EvanOH10
      i would like to challenge the steel gym. i am ready now if you are. please send me your FC and we can commence with the battle.
    12. Azulart
      The frontier brains and Elite fours are always 6vs6, gym leaders are allowed to do FLATS.
      It's okay ;) I appreciate the will.

      btw, if you want Art for pokegyms try visit some Art shops here in serebii.
      they'll be happy to help you with userbars or banners.

      Good luck !
    13. Azulart
      Hey Sean, do mind that the frontier brains section are under construction.
      But do you have a 6vs6 singles team RU tier? ( I recall you only playing flats.)
    14. Shadow Darkrai 101
      Shadow Darkrai 101
      can I challenge your gym today I'll be on the league chat room.
    15. EvanOH10
      i would like to challenge the steel gym. if you are available now that would be perfect!
    16. Azulart
      Hey Sean, you dont need an Artist for pokegyms or something, I really recommand ordering Art at Art-shops.
      they do it for free and like to do it too.
    17. Shadow Darkrai 101
      Shadow Darkrai 101
      hey seanferno dont forget to update the OP when you get the chance.
    18. Shadow Darkrai 101
      Shadow Darkrai 101
      be careful what you post seanferno the link you posted about your battle on PS can get you infraction points from moderators
    19. Shadow Darkrai 101
      Shadow Darkrai 101
      seanferno when I meant retire I meant retire as an e4 not a co owner
    20. Shadow Darkrai 101
      Shadow Darkrai 101
      hey sean can you change my type from dark/psychic/dragon to water/psychic/dragon I got a good idea if you can change the types once more please. Also may I challenge your gym? I'll be at the league chat room.
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