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  • Thank you for waiting. Finals are now over an I can trade whenever. :) I'll be busy this weekend, but Monday?
    X-Scissor would be great, thanks.

    And I just finished up with the preparations, so I'll head into the room now. Sorry that took so long.
    Oh, and sorry, but I'll need a little bit more time- I'm off to go get the TMs right now (I was in the middle of something until a moment ago). Is it all right if I just tell you when I'm ready? It should only be a few more minutes.
    your request has been made, please pick up your userbar at flower paradise graphics...thanks for choosing my shop...
    All right, that's fine. Sometime tomorrow would be best for me, as I'll be driving back home from college on Friday (which is invariably going to eat up the whole day).
    I've actually done it a few times myself, so it's not just you. I guess I'm too used to Facebook, where even when you post on your own profile, the other person will receive a notification of your response.

    And yes, that's fine with me. When would you like to do the exchange?
    Sorry, I just saw this- you posted it to your wall and not mine.

    That would be fine. Would you like a few Dig TMs in exchange?
    the reason why i told you to pm me is my vm message is locked for friends only...sorry about that...the groudon userbar is a valcano background...
    send me a pm about your request i accepted just want make sure you still want a valcano background for your userbar...i can make a steel and time disortion look if you want?
    Oh, okay. At the moment, I'm mostly looking for certain TMs, as I have all the regular items. What about Will-O-Wisp (TM 61)?
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