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Apr 6, 2014
Jan 28, 2014
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Apr 6, 2014
    1. spyrois2cool
    2. spyrois2cool
      Hello. How are you?
    3. TheCharredDragon
      Why not get a beta reader? They can be pretty helpful in editing.
    4. TheCharredDragon
      Oh I see. Good luck with that! And yeah I saw it, I'll read it when I can and droo a review when I can.
    5. TheCharredDragon
      Hey Sebax! How are you and Burns doing?
    6. spyrois2cool
      well...your avi caught my attention. hehe....and thanks. RP? (JK)
    7. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Hey there! Sorry, I didn't realize my PM box was full, and cleared it out a little bit. I really would rather not give away my e-mail to people I don't know in real life, sorry. It's just a concern for privacy (though I give my e_mail to register for sites like this... don't think too much into it). You can PM me again, or just reply in the thread.
    8. JX Valentine
      JX Valentine
      You're welcome. You may want to edit your review to avoid advising a writer to introduce an error into their work, though. That way, they can also avoid the confusion of having another reviewer tell them to change it back later on down the line.
    9. JX Valentine
      JX Valentine
      Hey, dropping in to say, in response to lay (on your review for starliteevee's Drowning):

      Yes, the way she wrote it is correct. The past tense of "lie" (as in, the action you take yourself to place yourself in a reclining position) is actually "lay." "Laid" is the past tense of a related verb, "lay" (the action someone else takes to place you in a reclining position). So you can only use "laid" if it has an object, but if you mean to say that the subject was the one lying down, you can only use "lay." It's strange, but confusing the two is a common mistake writers make.
    10. TheCharredDragon
      You're welcome and you do have a point, it's difficult not to use it, I just wanted to say that for sone reason it didn't settle well with me. But I did say I wasn't going to say no more than in essence "it didn't strike right" because I thought you'd be planning something, and by your response, perhaps I'm right. Oh all right, good luck writing it!
    11. TheCharredDragon
      Huh, just like me. Don't worry Sebax, like I said, you're not alone. I can help you with it if you want. You're welcome, it was fun to read. XD
    12. TheCharredDragon
      Good to see you're thinking and like you said, it might make plot holes. Don't worry, no rush, right? Because it might be a disaster. So far, so good. The part I liked the most was Lily's overprotectiveness. :)
    13. TheCharredDragon
      Hi Sebax, how you doing? Doing good on the next chapter of Burns?
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