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  • Im sorry to inform you your shiny mew is fake
    I know because in each of the generations any mew obtained through event cant be shiny. Ive checked on roms and bulbpeidia. Plus the actual game( atleast black and white and HH/SS.
    also have a number of xd pokemon all legit and caught by me, a red metagross, granted cant guarantee its legitimacy, and also, I should be recieving a tru regigas soon...
    Ok, well, the ones I have. (a mixture of cloned and original) include:

    Ranger riolu (legit clone)

    pokemon xd lugia (legit clone)

    Movie 11 shaymin

    alamos darkrai (will have to triple check)

    and a few others, as soon as bulbagarden comes up I will send u the list of ones I have from my shop
    I tend to deal in 4th gen, but will hopefully be adding 5th gen to my list soon. what events are you needing
    well I am looking for a shiny bulbasaur or charmander. I have a few shinies and events, are you after anything specific?
    It's cool man honestly, I was up until that time for the NFL Draft and only hung around for 10 minutes after. I'll be on pretty much all day, PM me when you're online.
    Alright man, I've waited 25 minutes after the arranged time, it's 4:25am right now so I'm going offline. PM me when you come online and we'll organise another time.
    Hi, we have a trade organised for now so could you contact me ASAP, it's 4AM here!
    No prob :) -- that isn't a n00b question. I found it on route 48 (iirc) on my Soul Silver version.

    They are still that way too me too. Haven't run into a single one yet on my White version.
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