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  • Dearest Friends of Serebii

    I apologise for my brief absence from the Forum scene. I've been occupied with the hefty job of Emmigration. I'm now in Kangaroo land, being bothered by temperatures and sunlight.
    The Main reason for this post is that, I'm sad to say, I most likely will be cancelling my work on my fic 'Seekers of Light' (or at the leats, postponing it for a later date, a LATE later date).
    This is due mainly to the last few weeks being very tiring and difficult, plus I have began to work on a much more (in my opinion) superior piece of work, 'Shining Skies', which is currently in progress. I intend to work on it until the first couple of chapters are done, so that allows me a bit of leniency with my writing and spare time.
    All I'm really saying is this; Sorry if you were looking forward to the return of Seekers, it probably won't return. It will remain forever as an ambitious yet interesting Mystery Dungeon story. Perhaps I might post the story board at a later date or something.

    Unless of course you guys REALLY REALLY WANT to see more of Seekers, then I suppose I could carry on.

    Until then

    I've been alright. Just been out of Serebii for a few months for my exams. Now they're over, I'm back to plenty of video games, including Pokémons of course! I've just decided it would be fun to return, find out new news and tips, read and write stories, you know, fun stuff.

    It's always nice to know someone's concerned about what I do, so many thanks for making me feel welcome.
    Well, i suppose I'm thinking a bit too much here... as usual.

    Well, i best get back to my current work. As for my future plans (currently under the Working Title of 'Shining Skies') I've plenty of time to work on it.
    Again, thanks for your advice and support. You're Awesome!

    Thankful as always
    Well, good luck with Seekers.

    And, the idea of having two different sides of a story within a journey fic is cool. But, them starting out with strong Pokemon (much less a legendary) sounds incredibly unlikely. That's just my two cents, but the point of a journey fic is to have trainers grow along side their Pokemon, which is hard to do if they're already strong and have developed "offscreen".
    Thanks Knightfall

    I suppose I could go back to Seekers, maybe go on until the End of Part 1? On reflection, I'm almost halfway through it already. Then depending how I feel, I could go onto my next project...
    Speaking of which, I was meaning to place a short question at the Author's Café, regarding my next fic and its general themes. I intended to make it a sort of journey fic, with two characters. One goes on the normal quest to get the Gym Badges, while the gets sidetracked by another plot of Dragon Masters fighting Evil. The thing is, the Journeying Trainer has strong Pokemon to start with (which is matched by the difficulty of the Opponents), yet the other has had a Rayquaza (of all things) since a young age, and it proves key in his battles and adventures. Does it seem a little too unlikely or a bit too much of a boring plot device. Is the genral

    I digress, if I'm unsure, i should take it to the Café community, and I guues I really shouldn't worry about it, since its a long way away from even beginning... i suppose i wanted just to let some one else know about it so they could tell me to 'Stop! before an abomination of a fic is brought into this world!'

    Always too modest,

    Some sort of writer's block? Well, that's always a tedious problem. If you truly feel that you've reached a point of exhaustion for your story, you may want to go and act on the new idea. It might be the breath of fresh air that you need for your mind. I did something like that with Transcending the Abyss when Overthrown was starting to go stale for me, and now both stories are doing well. So, it might seem like a large task, but sometimes you need something new to work on in order to get ideas flowing again.

    Music always helps ideas flow for me, so you may want to look for some on Youtube or somewhere to listen to.

    Hope this helps! And, I'm usually here to discuss ideas if you ever need it.
    I've reached a bit of an issue. I have reached my wall. I feel I cannot carry on. I am contemplating whether or not to go over my Drafts of 'SoL' and improve parts of it, maybe flesh it out a bit more, but I have a horrible feeling of not being bothered to do it... the task seems tedious and while I have so much spare time at hand, can't seem to bring a Writing opportunity to my attention...
    Also, due to my fleeting imagination, not only have I planned ahead to the End of Part 1, but Part 3! Even worse, my Mind has come up with a Decent™ idea for yet ANOTHER fic, which makes the already draconian task seem even more daunting...
    I didn't feel this needed to go in the Author's Café, but I am just lost for ideas at the moment...
    I am merely asking my friends for some Friendly Advice of their own, especially those budding author's of mine. I may be overreacting slightly (i.e. a bit more than usual), but the Wall is difficult to break through...

    Any response is a response... Thanks friends

    And, you do have talent. Like you say, you can plan out a story, and that's a big talent in of itself. I can't even do that well.

    Well, if you do have it planned out, I see no reason why not to continue it. Why let all that work go to waste?
    And, don't worry, I'm the same way, my story's only just begun as well and I'm over a year into it.

    Acclaimed writer? Me? Wow, thanks for the compliment. I'm just happy to help.

    And, I definitely will be watching eagerly.

    You're very welcome, friend.
    Aw thanks! Words are fantastic, especially cheerful ones.

    And on that note... i had talent?
    Jokes aside, I'm really thinking about continuing with Seekers...
    The thing is, I'm the sort of person who takes Planning Ahead to the MAX. When I'm bored, heck, before I even started my first draft, I go through the majority of my story in my head to immaculate detail, down to dialogue and battles.
    And since I get bored a lot, as a result I have planned not only the rest of Torch's segment of Seekers (i have always planned to do the story in three parts, one for each character), but the rest for the next two parts all the way to the Epilogue. Now I'm slightly put off by the fact I appear to be more or less 15% through the entire tale... eep...

    I suppose it's just a case of perseverance and getting through the Boredom and the Wall of Low Attention Span.

    And if an acclaimed autor such as Knightfall suggests I should continue, well, why not?

    Watch this space. The next chapter may probably definitely be here by the end of the year!


    Thanks for the support

    Ah, exams. Well, I can see why you're happy they're done with. And, how did you like the game? I personally think it holds up well with the previous versions, despite the short postgame.

    Hmm... I'm usually around to chat and sometimes battle. Well, I would like to see the story continued. I mean, it'd be a shame to let your writing talent to not be put to work from time to time. There's still a lot you can improve on and get better at.

    But, if you feel that the story isn't what it used to be for you, maybe it's best that you start anew with a different story?

    It's great to have you back.
    I've been better. But now my exams are over, I'm free to do whatever i want. Been playing lots of Pokémon just recently. In fact, i just completed Gates to Infinity not too long ago.

    I suppose that's why I wanted to come back.

    Regarding me, i have returned soley for the general community. I'm happy giving advice and help to people, and I love a good chat, battle or trade.
    As for Seekers of Light, well, I'm not too sure. I'm not sure if I would be able/ would want to continue with it. However, if some people, if just a few friendly faces, would like to hear more of Torch and pals, well, I suppose i could put my spare time to use!

    Great to be back

    Well, thank you. I always try to be rational in my comments, that's true.

    Again, thank you. I'm always happy when someone reads and enjoys my work. Overthrown was my first foray into creative writing ever, so I'm floored at the amount of positive response it's been getting. Hmm, wow, it's been exactly one year since I posted it (Well, three days ago)

    Anyways, I'm always happy to be friends with a fellow PMD author. While I have yet to read your story completely, the parts I saw showed a lot of promise. If you ever need to ask me anything, I'll be around to answer.

    And, if we're going to be friends,we can drop the formality. XD As much as I love sounding like a Victorian gentleman, I'm honestly not.
    Well, you friended me, so what's up? I know you write PMD, though unfortunately, I haven't had the time to read any of it.
    Hello, my name's Knightfall, and I'm a fellow PMD author on this site. As you may or may not have noticed, the planning thread for the 2012 fanfiction awards has opened, and this quote below is the reply to the suggestion of having PMD stories in their own catagory.

    I'm really not feeling in favor of a genre award strictly for Mystery Dungeon fics. I'd like to hear some more arguments in favor of it, because I'm just not seeing the need yet.
    I hope you realize that if this suggestion is thrown out, Mystery Dungeon stories will be lumped with other Trainer stories when it is vastly different then them.

    I've been trying to get all of the established and new Mystery Dungeon authors on the forum to come up with the "agruments" to get Mystery Dungeon its own catagory.
    I hope you'll help out.

    We need to get to work. Spread the word to ... well, anyone who wants PMD to have its own catagory.

    I thank you for reading this, and again, we're working for each other here.
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